Index. ▫Jain Agam (Canonical) Literature ƒ Definition ƒ Classification ƒ Listings of Sutras ƒ Summary of Agams by Jainsects ƒ History of Preservation ƒ Agam. The Agama scriptures have been composed by Lord Tirthankaras by way of their meanings, whereas by ‘Sutra’ they have been composed by Lord Gandharas. Phone:: +91 22 1. ĀGAMA – AN INTRODUCTION (English): This booklet provides a brief summary of each Āgama with a few key sutras highlighted.

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This agam describes the state of pregnancy and provides knowledge about the human body. This agam describes the story of Monk Keshi.

Jain Agamas

Lord Mahavir’s preaching was methodically compiled by his immediate disciples known as Gandharas, and elder monks known as Srut-kevalis into many texts known as Sutras. All Ganadharas possessed perfect knowledge keval-jnan and attained liberation at the end of their human life.

Under such circumstances they could not preserve the entire canonical literature. suras

These are said to be based on the discourse of the tirthankaradelivered in a samavasarana divine preaching hall. Due to the twelve years of famine it was extremely difficult for the Jain ascetics to preserve the entire canonical literature. The prathmanuyoga first exposition contains the universal history, the karananuyoga calculation exposition contains works on cosmology and the charananuyoga behaviour exposition includes texts about proper behaviour for monks and Sravakas.


Collectively these texts are called Ang-bahya-agams meaning outside of Ang-agams. The Digambar sect believes that all Ang-bahya-agams were also gradually lost starting about two hundred years zgam Lord Mahavir’s Nirvan.

However, the subject matter of the Purvas are referenced by other Jain scriptures and literature. The twelfth Ang-agam Drastivad is considered lost by all Jain Sects. Languages of Jain literature. The scriptures which enhance or decorate the meaning of Ang-agams are known as Chulika-sutras or some times known as Sutras. Hence, the Jain religion does not have one sacred book like the Bible or Koran, but it agaj many books compiled by several Gandharas and Srut-kevalis.

Only scattered chapters of this agam are now available. The text contains six volumes.

Retrieved from ” https: King Chetaka was the half brother of the ten princes. They did not fight with King Chetaka in the war. Present Status of Ang-agams: Angbayha Agam sutras provide further explanation of Ang Agam sutras. Jain literature comprises Jain Agamas and subsequent commentaries on them by various Jain asectics.

Following is the list of number of Ang-bahya-agams recognized as authentic scriptures by different Jain Aagm Sects: Among Ang-agams, Purvas were the oldest sacred texts. This page was last edited on 16 Marchat This agam describes the story of ten bother princes.

Jain Agam Literature

It also explains how they can repent for their sins and mistakes. This agam explains how to completely give up the worst sins and how to repent these sins. Jain history indicates that during the course of time, Swetambar ascetics held three conferences for the preservation of the Jain canonical literature, commentaries, and non-canonical sitras.


This agam contains prayers to the four benevolent beings: This agam explains certain rules and procedures for monks with respect to travelling, staying, accepting food and other necessities from lay people. Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. Fourteen Purvas The Prior Knowledge — considered totally lost.

He removed the doubts of King Pradeshi regarding the existence and attributes of the soul. In Digambara tradition, two main texts, three commentaries on main texts, and four Anuyogas exposition consisting of more than 20 texts are followed.

This agam describes the universe and the subtle description of all living beings souls of the universe. The earliest versions of Jain Agamas known were composed in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit.

Stras literature consists of many texts, which are the sacred books of the Jain religion. These texts are the Holy Scriptures of the Jain religion. Number of Ang-agams Lost.