The Prefect (Revelation Space) [Alastair Reynolds] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Critically-acclaimed author Alastair Reynolds creates. With his latest novel Alastair Reynolds has, not for the first time, produced a For me, at least, The Prefect was a make-or-break book and. The seventh novel set in Reynolds’s Revelation Space milieu (most recently encountered in his collection Galactic North) is a fascinating.

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I’ve now got my Reynolds swee I was wondering how the trilogy would hold up in comparison to a kind-of prequel, and was delighted to see a greater exploration of Aurora in the hey-day of teynolds triumph. This particular novel is a detective story set in the Glitter Band – a place that will be familiar to Reynolds’ fans.

Not to give too many plot details away, there’s an easy blame on one group of individuals, when in reality Tom realizes the true culprit is far more complex and nefarious. I was born in Wales, but raised in Cornwall, and then spent time in the north of England and Scotland. A chief administrative official of a department of France.

There was a time whilst reading The Prefect that I thought it might turn out to be my favourite of Reynolds’s books. I found myself wishing that our heroes could change the fate of the world as if things were not destined to be.

The Prefect – Wikipedia

But as soon as Thalia arrived at House Aubusson, the novel started picking up speed. From there the investigation expands outwards with a speed and invention that is a pleasure to read, eventually encompassing secret cabals, Panoply corruption, strongly superhuman AIs, and potential genocide.

As the Clockmaker was the only intelligence in the Glitter Band capable of defeating Aurora, she attempted to destroy it. This is a recurring theme for Reynolds, and it is notable that the most structurally sound of his novels is Chasm City which deliberately lifts the outline from Iain M.

I can safely say I liked it. In fact as this book is set before his earlier written books, it might therefore be a good place to start reading Reynolds.

Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction. Prefects have limited police ability; they thw allowed to have guns, and they can’t intervene in what would probably prfect viewed as human rights violations in societies outside the Glitter Band.


Novels don’t need to have perfect symmetry but at the same time they shouldn’t be three-legged mongrels. The Prefect is set in a time period between the events of Revelation Space and Chasm Cityset in the Glitter Band, a group of 10, human-made habitats set in orbit near the planet Yellowstone in the Sky’s Edge star system.

The setting is great, though, and the story is interesting, and I liked the concept of the characters. Dreyfus confronts members of Firebrand, who confirm Aumonier’s theory, but reveal that the Clockmaker was not in fact destroyed; Firebrand became aware of the attack in advance and moved the Clockmaker.

In classic detective tradition, the deeper he delves into the details of the case, the stranger and more sinister the clues he unearths, always pointing to mysterious artificial intelligences that seem to be intent on either controlling or destroying the Glitter Band.

The Prefects debate what to do about the emergence of the weevils, which have now left the four original habitats and are moving towards others.

Whilst other earlier books, written with a wealth of ideas on a broad canvas, failed to totally impress me with their characterisations, this story is focused on half a dozen key characters and written around a widescreen canvas worthy of a Peter F.

Very early on, one of the prefects seems to have another agenda. My favourite Revelation Space novel to date.

The Prefect

The name of this novel is supposed to change from The Prefect to Aurora Rising with the release of its sequel, Elysium Fire. The second half is a page turner, and a really good one at that.

If you’re prefeect SF, read on. Anyway, back to the massacre. I recommend his entire series of book. Not once has he let me down, and The Prefect was a nice way to finish it up for me. His conception of a nanotechnology airlock might be prevect different from the mechanical variety we are familiar with but it is introduced as casually as Heinlein’s irising door.

The story begins with prefect Tom Dreyfus investigating some polling violations, because this 10, orbital society is linked mainly by a network of polling stations that allows all the citizens to make decisions for the otherwise loosely-linked societies.

As the story unfolds it transpire that the murder is merely the beginning of a hostile takeover bid of The Glitter Band by an AI entity. I moved to the Netherlands to continue my science career and stayed there for a very long time, before eventually returning to Wales.


Give her something interesting to do at least. As befits the writing of a “proper” physicist, the future science is mostly plausible, but Reynolds doesn’t fall into the trap of explaining too much at a time which would be artificial and disrupt the story. Well let me tell you, even if some of those points ring true at times, there is no denying that Reynolds is a masterful storyteller and a giant 5 Stars The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds is a nearly perfect book to me. Reynoldz Prefect is not the typical Revelation Space novel, but it’s still another good and fun novel by Alastair Reynolds.

For more information, see our about page. I’ve really enjoyed all Reynolds “Revelation Space Universe” novels and think this is one of the best. Dreyfus and Sparver retnolds digital backups of the inhabitants of Ruskin-Sartorious. There are probably 5 solid characters in this that you really start to get to know and feel for.

Prefect Dreyfus Emergency 2 books. Mani Podcast read by: As in his other books, Reynolds spends the first half of the book layering things and setting a tone. However, the characterizations are shallow, and the dialog is just awful. Although Thalia escapes zlastair Aurora’s forces during a disastrous attack by Panoply, simulations run by the Prefects indicate that they have virtually no chance of success; the weevils are destroying habitats and converting them into even more weevils, grossly outnumbering the Prefects.

I know this is a standalone but, if starting the series from scratch, where would you recommend reading it What this means is that no two habitats are alike.

Knowing how things will be in the future added a huge weight to the story along with a feeling of dread and doom.

Even in these minor works though, there was always enough of a spark to keep hope alive within his readers. The main story is about the polling police. Trivia About The Prefect Pref I agree with some of the criticism but find it a bit harsh.