EPB1 * Agfa-Gevaert Autotypische Rasterung mit optimierten Punktformen. USA * Creo Srl. German term or phrase: Feinstraster / FM-Raster. Leo’s has “screen ruling”, but that sounds .. See \’Autotypische Rasterung\’ and \’FM-Rasterung\’ (w/ pics). samenvatting image processing technologie licht en kleur.

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The method can be implemented by means of a plug-in card, for example in a drum scanner.

Translation of “autotypical” in German

With reference to a drawing shown embodiment of the invention is explained in more detail below. Je nach Schalterstellung liefert die Einsteckkarte dem Belichterteil des Scanners entweder die Original- Bergspeicherwerte als Schwellwerte oder die Inhalte der frequenzmodulierten Schwellwertmatrix.

So can the advantages of the procedure in autotypical screening, including high speed and relatively small amounts of data, combined with the rasternug of images in frequency-modulated screening.

A full utilization scanner is conventionally only when using a so-called autotypical screening reached Fig.

View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. BE Free format text: When selecting the frequency modulation screening, however, the threshold value is continuously manipulated so that each pixel has a different threshold value, which comes about a random dependent or pseudo-random-dependent distribution of micro-dots for a given gray value of a pixel, with the recoverable at frequency modulated screening advantage that regularly recurring structures can be avoided in the printed autotypksche.

More raster points per unit result in a higher resolution resp. Damit lassen sich die Vorteile der Verfahrensweise bei autotypischer Rasterung, namentlich hohe Geschwindigkeit und relativ kleine Datenmengen, mit der Ausgabe von Bildern in frequenzmodulierter Rasterung kombinieren.

Bulgarian PRO pts in category: Leo’s has “screen ruling”, but that sounds more applicable to a TV screen than to printing although I confess I don’t know much about typography: Device according to one of claims 5 to 9, characterized in that it is designed as a plug for a scanner, especially a drum scanner.


Method and apparatus for minimizing errors during the digital processing of electric signals. FM raster allows photorealistic image The development and employment of frequency modulated rasters is certainly the biggest revolution in the history of digital printing plate exposure. DE Date of ref document: Image forming apparatus which forms halftone images mixed with characters and fine lines. In the schematic embodiment of an image data processing according to the invention fasterung to FIG.

The four primary inks cyan, magenta, yellow and black have screens rotated at different angles standard values are75, 90, and 45 deg. However, ‘random’ is not at all true, autotypiche is why the term ‘random screening’ is generally frowned upon. Date of ref document: GB Free format text: FR Ref legal event code: I’ve come across it as Stochastische Rasterung and Zufallsrasterung, i.

Process to avoid image defects in multicolour printing caused by non coincident printing of the colour separations. DE DET2 de Namely, since a printer or laser imagers can not play as a halftone a pixel, the pixel of much smaller single points is digitally composed.

FR Free format text: This plug-in a frequency modulated threshold value in many different forms, autotypischr continuously calculated or it is calculated in advance and stored in a large memory. The object to be achieved is that the rasterunng data are computed during the scanning, that is to say in real-time and can be immediately transferred to an exposer unit for example in a recorder section of the scanner.

The distribution is seemingly random – under a magnifying glass, it looks very much like what you get from an inkjet when printing with diffusion dithering. Method and apparatus for halftone rendering of a gray scale image using a blue noise mask.

Frequency modulation would be possible only through time-consuming further processing of micro-dots. The preferred field of application is printing technology with electronic screening, for example in desktop publishing systems or especially in the reproduction technology with scanners.


Their presence is evident from the outside, for example, only by the switch to which the scanner user can switch between auto and typical frequency-modulated screening.

EPB1 – Autotypische Rasterung mit optimierten Punktformen – Google Patents

Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree. Halftone printing plates containing microscopic perforations and methods for producing same. Process for the generation and storage of digitized threshold density values for the scanning of a half-tone image pattern. System and method for color image reproduction from color separations prepared from random fixed size dot placement.

DET2 – Autotypische Rasterung mit optimierten Punktformen – Google Patents

Reproduzieren der Rasterpunkte auf einem Belichtungselement 70 mit Hilfe einer abtastenden Belichtung 80 mit einer aurotypische Abtastrichtung X; und.

The difference between FM and conventional halftone screening is as follows: You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them.

It is not possible in the present state of aufotypische art, to manipulate the image data in real time so that a frequency-modulated grid is generated. Return to KudoZ list. FM screening, as far as I am concerned. This is called photorealistic image reproduction. Method for digital screening of halftone screens with any screen ruling and screen angle.

Method and arrangement for locally switching gray dot types to reproduce an image with gray level printing.