Beer Scoresheet. AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition Program. Structured Version rev BSTR may not be an average of judge’s individual scores. Judge information. Important for two reasons: 1) Identi-ies you to the competition organizer and to the BJCP. 2) Indicates your level of quali-ication to the entrant. By Nick Holt. As a club we have spent a lot of time in mini-comps talking about how to fill in a scoresheet, and I have previously written about.

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Come up with a formula for descriptive ability. Our Social networks Facebook Instagram.

This on its own is a good indicator of the style but a well made one could also have nuttiness or some dark fruit flavours. Again, using a Dark Mild as an example, a judge may note the beer has a sweet toffee flavour. bhcp

The second two were done by one of our best and most active judges, also during an exam. Still got Master level completeness though! This was another somewhat strong beer for me. Completeness is also graded on use of white space, make sure you fill in all the lines! Learn what these are and use them.

BJCP Exam Scoresheet Examples

Learning how to fill it out correctly is the best thing you can do to prepare for the exam. The bjp guide is very helpful since it helps guide you to the correct scoring range scoe on your perceptions of the beer.


Perceptive Accuracy — Did you describe the same tastes, aromas, etc. Finally, after reading your scoresheet, BJCP guidelines and comparing your these you are still bewildered by the score or sclre to improve your beer, reach out to the judge and ask some more questions. A few oversights brought down my scores though. If you read through my scoresheets you may see some patterns in terms descriptive structure. You can talk through your process and identify why the beer is like it is.

Participate in an off-flavour session.

BJCP scoring sheet

These competitions are a great place to compare your perceptions and scoring accuracy to more seasoned judges. The first thing is to save a bottle of your beer, ideally in the same condition as what was entered i.

They have been sanitized to remove identifying information, but they show precisely what we hope to see in all scoresheets. I wrote the exam on Nov 9th, and got the results back March 18th, Scoring Accuracy — How close was your assigned score to the score assigned by the proctors and your peers.

These added elements may not be commented on by a judge, but their lack of comments gives you information that these may be missing. Congrats on the certification! This is a timed exam and you only have 15 minutes per beer to write the best scoresheets of your life.


BJCP Exam Scoresheet Examples

There must have been a bit of variance xcore my perceptive accuracy since I dipped into Certified on that. Either write the same sentence without that word, or give an actual quantitative descriptor like low. Try to use the feedback given in the scoresheet to critically analyse your recipe, process and what style it was entered under and try to take the feedback onboard to make the next version of that beer even better.

It can be disheartening to get a score that you think was lower than warranted. As you can see in the picture below from my exam, you are graded on five things. Overall this was a somewhat strong beer for me. Next Story Brew Day at Macalister: Make sure you actually detect an off-flavour before checking that box.

What makes these remarkable is that not only are they filled out extremely well, but the scores agreed exactly with the consensus scores of the experienced exam proctors. Your email address will not be published. Two or three areas of improvement should probably have been given for this beer. Since the BJCP transitioned to a tasting-only exam for new examinees, some people have requested a revised set of examples.

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