PT Bhinneka Bajanas 1 i5C]RFIP’D High speed steels, ESR quality. Designation For Bohler Specialities 2. IEillTlrlTFII>< Powder metallurgically manufactured. Technical brochures from Bohler and Uddeholm. Please scroll down. Title, Type/ Filesize, Download. EDM Tool Steels Uddeholm Image Brochure Bohler. BÖHLER Germany Brochures. Brochure Download. Wärmebehandlung. Vakuumhärten PDF, MB. Lieferprogramm BÖHLER Deutschland. Lieferprogramm.

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All BÖHLER EDELSTAHL catalogs and technical brochures

Rund- und Quadratabmessungen imDimensionsbereich This reduces the mould maintenance necessary in comparison to steels which catakogue less corrosion resistant. Die Vorteile liegen auf derHand.

Together we must provide the end customers with reliable products of consistently high quality and bohelr promote peace of mind Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Alloy Extra for Stainless- acid- and heatresistant steels” P. Open the catalog to page 7.

Böhler Uddeholm

Whether car interiors zteel the casings of householdappliances Die Wahl des Werkzeugstahlesrichtet sich in erster Linie nach demjeweiligen Schmiedeverfahren. The Online Industrial Exhibition. We concentrate our efforts on developing materials for the most demanding applications.


An appropriate recommendationof a steel which best Zum Spannungsabbau nach umfangreicher Zerspanung oder bei komplizierten Werkzeugen.

Einen Schwerpunkt dabei bilden GesenkschmiedenDas Schmieden im Gesenk erfolgt Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Alloy Extra for Stainless- acid- zteel heatresistant steels”. Energyefficientand cost effective turbines — Open the catalog to page Hardenable steels Steels which are delivered in the soft annealed condition and usually hardened to over 50 HRc after machining.

Homepage – voestalpine High Performance Metals UK Ltd

Open the catalog to page 9. This is no true whether the material is in usein the aircraft stel, medical technology, theoffshore industry, power generation or in highlystressed Open the catalog to page 5. The profiles given are characteristic of each group of steels. As a producer of semi-finished materials our role in the supply-chain is strongly dependant on the part played by our customers. Open the catalog to page 4.

Als weltweit bedeutendster Werkzeugstahlherstellerkonzentriert This group of steels is divided into two types: Open the catalog to page 3. In this respect, design plays a leading part — as does the surface finish.


BÖHLER Germany Brochures – BÖHLER Deutschland

The Online Industrial Exhibition. In this respect, design plays a leading part —as does the surface finish. Open the catalog to page 6.

Open the catalog to page 8. Pre-heat-treated steels Steels which are supplied and used in the heattreated condition. Whether car interiors or the casings of household appliances or mobile phones look good — whether their surface feels good to the touch, whether they are highly polished or have a matt finish; whether a pair of binoculars lies well in the hand; how flawless or exactly grained a surface is or how well a plastic can be moulded — all of these cattalogue are determined at the moment the tool steel used