Rabindranath Tagore develop an early love for literature, and had begun The theme of the play Chandalika is the realization by a chandal girl that she is a. Chandalika Rabindranath Tagore was a poet, novelist, shortstory writer and dramatist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in Tagore’s interest. TAGORE’S DANCE DRAMA CHANDILIKA Based on a Buddhist tale ‘Chandalika’ was published in the form of a dance drama in and was for the first time.

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The characters’ names – Prakriti, Mother and Tagoee – are unmistakable symbols unraveling the action of the play. The moth-eaten cruel Hindu casteism was responsible for her untouchability, which had made her defiant to criticize and ignore it.

Consequently, Buddha breaks the magic spell and txgore Ananda, who walks away from the Chandalini, as pure as he came. The Poona Pact between Gandhi and Ambedkar had changed nothing on the ground.

Maya internalizes and consents to her subordination as ordained.

But at the same time, her new self directs her to cbandalika far unknown emotions towards Ananda, her emancipator. Through this play, Tagore has given massage of equality without discrimination of caste and creed. There is a divine purpose behind the diversity of languages, religion, culture and caste. Rabindranath Tagore develop an early love for literature, and had begun reading biographies, poems, history, Sanskrit and several others by the age of Chandalika is based on a Buddhist legend.

In a battle of magical chants and spiritual power, Prakriti comes to a realization that love can never be forced or possessed. Help Center Find new research papers in: Thank u this really helped me in my performance in my school in this dance drama. Anonymous September 14, at Newer Post Older Post Home. Through her dance movements Chandalika articulates her anger and love.

Since they were forced to remove all dust and dirt of Hindus, they were damned as untouchables. Rabindranath Tagore, the winner of nobel prize for literature, is the first great Indian writer whose creative endeavors — poetry, prose, drama — present a superb Triveni of Philosophy, Mysticism, and Humanism. Taj Mohammed September 25, at 2: The play evokes Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian notions of creative, renunciatory, and sacrificial Love.


Summary of the ‘Chandalika’ by Rabindranath Tagore

According to Bharata, the drama uses eight basic emotions of love, joy, anger, sadness, pride, fear, aversion and wonder attempting to resolve them in the ninth holistic feeling tagkre peace. This protagonist has no special desire or need. Certain changes took place in the social sphere as a result of the increase in colonial exploitation by British imperialists. Only in the penultimate scene does she realize her guilt at making a person suffer against his wishes.

Click here to sign up. The theory of destiny is a given concept by Hinduism. The play displays close interlinking of caste, gender and religion in subtle and significant ways. Anger against a social status imposed upon her to which she finds herself shackled for life, and love, for a monk who respects and acknowledge her as a human being. Anonymous February 17, at 1: According to me why the protagonist Prakriti has been as untouchable girl. It is a grammar of society.

Her love for that man derives from her new knowledge, imparted to her by gagore, that she is a human being.

Untouchability was a sore point with him. These dramas lacked the old splendor and fullness of drama. With his acute sensitivity and worldwide experience, he perceived its insidiousness with greater clarity than any other Indian.

Tagore’s Chandalika as a social drama | gayathry ramesh –

During the s, Tagore was concerned with abnormal caste consciousness, both in Bengal and in India as a whole. She is a rebel who questions societal norms that relegated her to an existence of a lesser being, an untouchable.

Prithibir shob dhormo bebshairai ek Tagore is considered as an important person in Bengali theatre and Bengali dramatic literature.


Posted by Umesh Gurung at As I was typing the texts, those archives I had written back then… they suck, literally.

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Romantic nostalgia fails to allure him. It is not possible to bh him a particular place chronologically, nor is it easy to label his plays with useful tags, or define their relationships with theatre. Rockstar Ishaan March 18, at This powerful attribute of drama has been employed by playwrights over the ages to make constructive commentaries on the happenings in society and thus affect some positive changes in man and his environment.

It has rendered them mentally and physically handicapped and therefore even the idea of protest seems to be a dream and they cannot think of harboring any resentment against it. Reason and judgment should be the basis of religious ideology.

Because, let’s face it, bros and sissys Ananda prays to the Buddha to save himself from this shame and remorse consequently, Buddha breaks the chandalioa spell and frees Ananda, he walks away from Chandalini as pure as he came. The making of any artist owes to the cycle of his time, viz. Tagore is essentially a river-poet so far as his love for nature is concerned. Chandalikz to the story Ananda, the famous disciple of the Buddha, approaches towards a well to ask for water from a Chandalini, a young untouchable girl.

In fact, the problem of untouchables is not a religious convention but it is a part of binary system that existed at the center of social system rich — poor, male — female, east rsbindranath west, elite and subaltern involving the politics of subjugation. Mousham Dhakal July 7, at 6: