The Coolsat Platinum FTA receiver needs up-to-date software to stay in touch with the necessary satellites that broadcast the FTA channels. FTA or. Find great deals on eBay for coolsat manual. DREAMLINK T4 T5 LITE COOLSAT HD KBOX Remote Control w/Batteries. Coolsat Manual. Here is a little manual I created from various forums. Hope you like it! Attached Thumbnails. Ya Can’t Play with a Broken.

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You now have a completely named channel list with local spot beams, etc. Similarly, unused Satellites now may be deleted, if you wish. While in Installation, click Ok.

Coolsat manual download

Click on Exit to exit the Auto Detect. You will see the tool go through a series of processes of System Reset, Sending, Sending Ok and cooleat the bin. Upload your list to the personal computer by using the Coolsat Pro Loader Tool. The brightness, contrast and color of the on screen video display can now be adjusted via the remote by using the Yellow button located to the Left manuak the Multi Screen Blue button.

Click on Normal 7 Channels. To determine converted frequency, subtract the horizontal frequency number from 25, Satellite Base Address to obtain the new converted frequency number.

The Legacy SW should remain Off as this function is intended to be used with external SW switches instead of a diseqc switch used to switch between dishes using single lnbs. Only one cable out to receiver is needed and settings in the antenna are the same as Legacy settings except must be committed to lnb 1 and must be committed to lnb 2 and Lnb Type is set to OSC-DP.


The password function can be turned off for all functions except accessing the Security Settings in the Receiver. Select satellite with left or right volume buttons to locate your satellite, when found, scroll down and set antenna settings using left or right volume buttons to make cooksat selection all the way down the settings.

Toshiba 36A50 36″ TV.

How to Program a Coolsat Platinum | It Still Works

Be sure to use the file intended to be used for your type model receiver. Turn off the receiver and unplug it from the outlet. I wish I could say that I was the one who found all the tricks and methods on what makes the IRD do its thing, but I can not, so credit goes to a lot of testers that have communicated and shared what they knew and found about this new receiver.

Scroll to the transponder where the channel is carried and again verify scan setting is all and network scan is off. Screens can be displayed showing up to 9 different screens beginning at the channel you are currently tuned to and will run upwards showing consecutive channels from the channel you are tuned to.

Coolsat 5000 Platinum FTA Digital Satellite Receiver Silver Remote Working

Press ok and device and then enter code to do manual search push ok device at the same time light will blink twice then keep pushing up on the channel button until tv shuts off then push ok then you are done i hope this helps. Screen Shot of Completed Channel List 26 Removing Duplicate Channels Before you start renaming and reordering channels you will need to delete all duplicate channels. The bin software now supports multi screen by pressing the Blue Button on the remote. When data is entered, click on OK, and the 0500 will save and when complete, it will coolwat scanning in the transponder frequency you just created.


What is a PID? The manuak is an illustration of the Edit Channels window. If you have problems with the switch not working correctly, replace the DP34 switch with the 4×1 diseqc switch.

Receiver to Receiver Transfer: Some testers report Lnb 2 and 4 will work cooldat for and connections respectively. Do not turn receiver on with front power button.

Select the download BIN files in the dialogue and click “Open. Be sure to turn the Sid Sort option off if you choose to use a custom channel list. The Legacy SW function can be used to cascade switches.

This feature permits quick and easy updating of channel lists as the satellite signal provider DishNet, BEV, etc.

The future of continuing Coolsat support looks very encouraging with an excellent and proven ability of the group to prepare files adapting to the requirements required to decrypt the N2 encryption.

Unplug the receiver from wall outlet. I would recommend not using the Default Channel option of the loader as this function is needed by the bin software to operate the EPG program correctly. Twin and Quad legacy lnbs using the internal SW switches are now supported by Coolsat software. Dish Network switching protocol needs to be observed requiring to be set as Lnb 1 and as Lnb 2 for either Twin Legacy or Quad Legacy. You may want to fill the empty channel slots.