Door Knocker Designs

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Door Knocker Designs – Door knocker is usually installed in the big doors. It has been used since old century ago. That time, this knocker is also used for a giant gate of kingdom with the giant size too. If you see Chinese colossal movie or about Kung-Fu and Karate, you will see the gate of the Kung-fu or Karate place use this knocker. It is used to alert the people inside about the presence. It will be knocked to the door and it has loud sound where those inside can hear.
Usually, this door knocker is made of strong and high quality material like steel, brass and more. The common design of this knocker is by the head of tiger, Naga for the classic and traditional design and shape of brass door knocker. For modern design, it has many shapes and designs where it is also used for a home front door. You can also install this knocker for your home. It is like a bell bottom in traditional concept.


The various shapes and designs of door knocker can make the guests interested too because of the classic and traditional style. But sure, by today, the knocker has wonderful and beautiful shape where modern home also installed with this knocker. It is because unique and antique to have this knocker in the front door. There are also some designs too.
If you consider about the safety for the guests presence or you want to know who is coming before you open the door, you can install door knocker with spy hole. The spy hole will be only seen from the inside. So, homeowners can see the outside view or the guests through the small hole in the door knocker. The design is also interesting where the hole can be closed and opened as the need of the homeowners.


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