OSHA list of top 10 most cited safety violations for Need expert advice on the National Electrical Code? Try EC&M’s CodeWatch. Electrical Construction Maintenance Contact Us Page.

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Permanently mark each service disconnect to identify it as part of the service disconnecting means [ Download Registration Thanks for registering. Raceways for overhead service drops Ensure they comply with the clearance requirements of This separation maintains the integrity of your fault protection.

Please enable javascript in your browser and refresh this page. Ideal applications include ed&m, fans, compressors, centrifuges, conveyors, mixers, pump jacks, and crushers. You cannot use trees as supports A pushbutton that activates the electromagnetic coil of a shunt-trip circuit breaker mwgazine insufficient see You cannot connect equipment to the supply side of the service disconnect enclosure, except for the seven categories identified in Select a category, choose a Product Family, then select from the list of available documents.

Remember that service conductors originate at the utility service point and terminate on the line side of the service disconnecting means service equipment. Size protection devices no smaller than percent of the continuous load. The necessary equipment, usually consisting of circuit breakers or switches and fuses and ex&m accessories, connected to the load end of nagazine conductors magazinee a structure or an otherwise designated areaand intended to constitute the main control and cutoff of the supply.

The rating of the protection device must not exceed the ampacity of the conductors see Service conductors are “outside” when they are installed: Javascript must be enabled to use this site’s downloads feature.

Please login with your email address. The point of connection between the utility and the premises wiring. Attach overhead service-drop conductors to a point not less than 10 ft above the finished grade.


Once you’ve established whether service conductors are inside or outside a structure, do you need to install separate raceways for them? To properly apply the installation requirements for service conductors and equipment, you must first define where your service entrance starts and ends. Service-Drop Conductors The rules for underground service lateral conductors We use cookies to support this website, track usage on this website, to perform mayazine and to perform promotional activities. If we mixed service conductors with other conductors in the same raceway, a fault that occurred between the service and feeder conductors could bypass the overcurrent protection for the feeder conductors.

If you have an issue completing the registration process, please disable your browser’s pop-up blocker or ex&m that www.

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The service disconnect must be capable of disconnecting all service-entrance conductors from the served premises wiring. Check with the AHJ for how far the disconnect can be from the entrance if inside or how far the disconnecting means can be from the structure if outside. With the capability to test products together as a system before sending out into the field, TIC ensures the highest level of quality, performance, and reliability. But, feeder conductors covered by Articles and originate on the load side of service equipment.

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Ungrounded service-drop conductors cannot be smaller than 8 AWG copper or 6 AWG aluminum except in limited-load installations. Service Entrance Definitions Service point.

Name Email Phone Question. Service Equipment Protection You do not have to provide service conductors with short-circuit or ground-fault protection, but you must provide overload protection via the feeder protection device. Locate your service-drop conductors so they are not readily accessible.

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Do you have a question? Routing The routing requirements of service conductors differ from those of other conductors.

magazlne Clearance is also an issue-you must observe a 3-ft clearance from building openings and a ft clearance above various surfaces Weatherheads Raceways for overhead service drops But if you start at that point and then follow Article methodically, you will efficiently meet the requirements for a safe service installation.


Support service-entrance cable magazinne 1 ft of magazlne heads and raceway connections, and at intervals not exceeding 30 in. Getting it right To properly apply the installation requirements for service conductors and equipment, you must first define where your service entrance starts and ends. You must provide protection from physical damage per one of the 5 methods enumerated in If you encounter any problems or have any questions please contact TIC-Webmaster toshiba. The conductors e&m the service point to the service disconnecting means service equipment, not meter.

For more information about TIC, please visit www. Entries submitted were evaluated carefully by a panel of judges comprised of experts in electrical engineering, contracting, plant facilities, and maintenance industries.

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You can install service conductors in one of 16 wiring methods enumerated in You are limited to six disconnects for each service permitted by Each ungrounded service conductor requires overload protection at the point where the service conductors terminate see Otherwise, the NEC applies. Register to view our materials and keep informed with our latest updates. Click here to accept cookies.

Route the phase conductors through separately bushed holes in the weatherhead, and install a drip loop below the service head or below the termination of the service-entrance cable sheath.

You cannot connect emergency standby power ahead of service equipment Figure