The Egogram Test was developed by the psychologists J. M. Dusay and Dr. Erick Bern. The test identifies positive and negative aspects of your personality with. Egogram is a test which serves as a self-awareness tool. Take it as the mirror of your personality. On completion, you’ll find out how much emotional energy is. personality, ego, egogram, transactional analysis, analysis and phycological test, egogram has been originated and used widely in medical, clinical.

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All times are GMT Strong Child dimension; You are an emotional person with all of the excessive behaviour that this implies.

You often react instinctively without thinking. Your ability to assert yourself: You have a strong personality but you keep it under control.

You have an inner life and you also appreciate the world around you. You are a person who is too easily influenced by others. You never question yourself before acting. You show little energy, little spontaneity. Lower than average Normative Parent; In your mind rules are sometimes useful.

The Egogram test

It is a way to protect yourself, because you might fear not be up to the challenge. I think rules get in the way for decisions too. You think rules are only necessary in making decisions, but nothing more.


How can I then be assertive when going for anything? You know how to convince others, without always asserting yourself. You are a rather calm person. You generally have an objective and sound analysis of reality. Higher than average “Child” dimension: You use your thoughts efficiently to guide your actions. When you decide something, it is not easy to stop tesr or to make you change your mind. Your way of taking into account your problems and those of egogarm Your values and your involvement in others’ problems: You have a good grasp of reality, although sometimes too much.

You appear to be a rather calm person, with no esssential need to spend energy expressing yourself. What did you get? Weak Parent dimension; You do not particularly care about values or eogram people.

The results seemed to be representative of me in a broad sense. The affective side of your personality is quite important.

You can inspire others in your circle. You think that they are important and you are convinced of their usefulness.

You generally interpret events correctly and accept constraints without major problems. Do you have feelings at all? Add Thread to del. You question egohram a lot before acting.


The Egogram Test

You seem to be egogramm fairly stable person with a good level of energy, who communicates well with others. Weak Nurturing Parent; You are everything but the good Samaritan.

You will submit without bad grace and adapt yourself. You are a rather self-assured person.

The Egogram Test

You might sometimes make decisions casually. You act without being concerned about what people think. Lower than average Adapted Child; You sometimes question yourself before acting. Your dominant personality traits You accept others’ company and you prefer to let them make the first move when initiating a relationship.

You draw little energy from expressing egofram emotions. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg StumbleUpon del. The Egogram test The Egogram test I have not seen these tests here. Higher than average Adult; You interpret reality in a rational way. You do not always rely on your thoughts to understand reality.