We are very much looking forward to seeing you all over the next few days at the EphMRA ‘Shaping the Future’ conference. Come and see us. contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines. . Megha Kalani, Product Manager at Philips Healthcare, and Jemma Lampkin, Senior Project Manager Healthcare at SKIM, co-presented at this year’s EphMRA .

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Observational or ethnographic research are defined as any research form which relies significantly upon the observation of human behaviour as one of its data sources, whether MR subjects are openly ephmar participant observation or covertly or indirectly observed non-participant.

In collaboration with Merck Serono, The Research Partnership were asked to develop an experimental phone app, which would enable Merck Serono to gain insights into treatment decisions relating to key competitor products in advanced non-small cell lung cancer. If a child is going to be asked to test a product or device, the responsible person should be allowed to see this and if they wish to try it themselves.

Researchers should try to establish as early as possible if the number to be contacted is that of a mobile or a fixed-line telephone.

Upcoming market research events | SKIM

MR Subject Costs Aggregate amount attributable to transfers of value to recipients i. Raise unfounded hopes for a treatment Mislead MR subjects with regard to the performance of a product Encourage members of the public to ask a healthcare professional for a particular product or healthcare professionals to use or recommend a product – disguised promotion is prohibited.

The presentation created a high level of interest and further discussions. However it should be noted that in some circumstances or cultures this may be misinterpreted as or considered disguised promotion. Join us in Warsaw for our annual conference on June If requested the identity of the sub-contractor should be provided. It must include information such as what personal data is collected, how it is used, how it will be managed and the conditions under which it will be ephmrz, as well epbmra how to get more information or make a compliant.

Seeking consent for other uses retrospectively is not allowed. It is strongly recommended that placebos are used during market research surveys whenever practical.


Healthcare Market Research News from Research Partnership

Key Research Stages – Before Fieldwork. An ‘incentive’ epumra any benefit given to a MR subject to encourage participation in a market research study and should be:.

Type of organisation sponsoring the market research e. Database building is a non-research purpose. The Code of Conduct provides comprehensive and up-to-date key ethical and legal guidance to support EphMRA members when they carry out multi-country, primary and secondary healthcare market research.

Market research is defined by the objective s and the approach, not by the title of the work or those involved in it. You must have legal grounds for accessing content on social media, these are likely to be either consent or legitimate interests. In contrast, market research is carried out for a commercial purpose i. Personal data such as recruitment questionnaires can be destroyed before non-personal data such as tabulations.

Within the Code the umbrella term ‘products’ refers to drugs, biologics, devices and diagnostics unless specified otherwise eg medicinal products refer only to drugs and biologics.

Reflect the findings of the research. That an agreement with individual named HCPs exists including a ephnra of key details such as title, speciality, qualifications, RPPS or equivalent number, professional address 2. MR subjects that have ephnra to opt-out of, or not be contacted for, market research must be excluded.

If subjects are taking non-prescription drugs i.

The Research Partnership not only exhibited at the 2 day event, but presented two papers and chaired another. Consent of a parent or responsible adult MUST be obtained before interviewing a child under 15 in the following circumstances:.

It includes information kept on paper, as well as information stored in a computer memory by ephmr of binary code, or on a videotape, for instance.

Welcome to EphMRA

Physician Recruitment of Patients 4. In Germany, the FSA Code recommends to members that employer permission Dienstherrengenehmigung DHG is ephmrw and granted for healthcare professionals to participate in market research. MR subject requests to have their personal data removed from a list or database must be respected.

Adverse Event reporting requirements associated with medical devices should be agreed with epnmra Marketing Authorisation Holder before commencing any market research survey. MR subjects MUST be made aware that they can ask at any time to know what personal data about them are currently being held and for these to be amended or destroyed. Where these are derived from website registration databases, researchers MUST check that registration was voluntary and that the data are current.


All market research studies involving healthcare professionals that take place in France have to be declared irrespective of whether a 2031 or an incentive or neither is offered. Representing The Research Partnership was Founding Director Mark Jeffery accompanied by Associate Directors Pei Li Teh and Paul Reed, who all considered the conference to be a great event with many opportunities for networking and some thought-provoking papers.

Where lists including client-supplied lists are used for sample selection, the source of the list MUST be disclosed. When live observation takes place i. Researchers MUST use adequate technologies to protect personal and sensitive data when collected, transmitted or stored on websites or servers.

If using a mobile phone means the MR subject incurs a cost this should be reimbursed, researchers should ensure that participating in market research does not disadvantage MR subjects financially. For online research with children MR subjects should be asked to give their age before any other personal information is requested. Indeed in the UK, Governance arrangements for research ethics committees A harmonised edition published by the Department of Health, May states that:.

Written consent is preferable but use of e;hmra on-screen epjmra box is generally acceptable for data protection purposes. The source of the list MUST be revealed to potential MR subject s at an appropriate point in the interview, if it is requested.

Following our events we upload slide decks and reports to the web site — available to members. EFPIA disclosure requirements and the US Sunshine Act do not generally require agencies to identify to client ehpmra the names of the healthcare professionals who report adverse events.

The agency MUST ensure that the country or organisations in those countries to which any personal data are transferred by them or their sub-contractors have adequate data protection measures in place, particularly outside the EEA.

MR subjects should be told the length of time the questionnaire is likely to take to complete under normal circumstances e. Use of Unsolicited Emails for Recruitment Vulnerable MR subjects Definition