Eyebeam for windows • Read online or download PDF • CounterPath eyeBeam User Guide for Windows User Manual. CounterPath eyeBeam for Windows CounterPath Corporation Suite , Bentall One Centre Burrard Street Box 95 Vancouver BC V7X 1M3 Tel. eyeBeam User Guide Operations and Configuration Guide to eyeBeam CounterPath’s Full-Featured Video Softphone CounterPath Solutions, Inc. Floor 8 .

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When you click OK, the contact is added to the specified group or groups, with the specified primary contact method displayed in the list. Click the CONF button once more to re-establish the conference. Page 14 CounterPath eyeBeam 1.

eyeBeam User Guide for Windows | CounterPath

The following is a partial list of features included in the eyeBeam softphone. Page 23 CounterPath eyeBeam 1.

Have the other party adjust their silence threshold, which they can do by running the Tuning Wizard covered in Section 2. Adjust the microphone volume; listen to the playback of the manhal sample and make changes if necessary.

Page 53 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Page 6 List of Tables Conference Management Make sure that you have enabled at least one account.


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mankal Page 19 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Use the Windows Start menu or double-click the desktop icon. Make sure you select a speaker device not the headset. Procedures for the exchange of certificates are outside the scope of this documentation.

When the phone is ringing with an incoming callclick here to send the call immediately to voicemail.

CounterPath eyeBeam : User Guide for Windows Owner’s manual

Right-click a contact to dial them or add them to a conference Users can drag a contact to any other group Users can drag a contact to a Line or to the main display window to call them To rename a group click the group name and wait one second Click X at the upper-right corner to close and reattach the Contact Drawer to the Dial Pad Drag mankal contact to an in-use Line to add them to a conference Figure 8 – The Contact Drawer 5. Page 3 Publication History Page 54 CounterPath eyeBeam 1.

Page 12 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. If the result is could not find host, or request timeout, ryebeam computer is not available. If you then click CONF again, all lines including the mabual line will be added to the conference. Page 15 CounterPath eyeBeam 1.


Select the type of network connection for your computer. Diagnostic Log eyeBeam writes diagnostic information to a log file.

Tell us what’s missing. Logging uses computer resources, so you should only enable it when instructed by a customer support representative.

CounterPath eyeBeam 1.5 Manuals

Page 35 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Deleting an Entry Click on mahual entry and click Delete. If you leave this field empty, then this icon will not be displayed. Page 10 CounterPath eyeBeam 1.

Page 7 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. One-way audio If a firewall restricts incoming connections, users may get only one-way audio.

Page manhal CounterPath eyeBeam 1. The menu items are: You can play to try it out. This is the recommended setting unless your VoIP service provider advises otherwise.

There are two ways to specify devices: Page 1 eyeBeam 1. Please contact the appropriate VoIP service provider for assistance.