Download Elwan Neurology. Description. Download Elwan Neurology Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products. PRINCIPLES OF EUIi p C Y By Dr. HASSAN ELWAN Professor of Neurology Cairo University Publisher UNIVERSITY BOOK CENTER (Sayed Mahmoud) 8. Dr. Hassan Elwan Neurology. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is enabled in.

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Principles of Neurology

Tectospinal y Extra-pyramidal 5. Neuurology 20, Ghadaa rated it liked it. Impulses from the cerebellum and extrapyramidal system share in the production of properly executed speech. The hypertonia and hyperreflexia will be more in the flexor group of muscles than in the extensors. Myelography Usually asymmetrical – Sensory level. Exaggerated jaw reflex afferent 5, efferent 5 in cases of bilateral U.

Spinal lemniscus carrying pain and temperature sensations from the opposite side of the body. The fibres of neurokogy optic tract relay in the lateral geniculate body. Compression of the nerve e. The wall of the urinary bladder contains certain receptors stretch and chemical which are stimulated by fullness of the haassan and acidity of the urine.

The motor power is good in the early morning and is at its worst at the end of the day. Weakness of the skeletal muscles of the body especially those which develop early during intra-uterine life i.


The execution of this process of writing requires the development of a special cortical motor centre for writing Exner’s area adjacent to Broca’s area in the frontal lobe of the dominant hemisphere. Also, the internal carotid artery of each side is connected neuurology the posterior cerebral artery of the same side by the posterior communicating artery.

Contralateral cortical sensory loss if the parietal lobe is involved. The release of several substances from the clump of platelets thromboxane A2, platelet factor 3 and others. Motor or executive aphasia: It may be due to: Grey matter forming the hasssan cortex and the cerebellar nuclei. Hyporeflexia at the level.

Commonest cause is Post-traumatic. It is the gradual, progressive degeneration of the intervertebral discs, specially those which are freely neurklogy as they are more subjected to the process of wear and tear. Buttoning and unbuttoning test: It is the most commonly affected ocular nerve because of its long course.

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Two main clinical types are known: It is neurloogy auto-immun disease with production of antibodies against the acetylcholine receptors of the neuromuscular junction, leading to their destruction.

Fracture cribriform plate as in fracture base of skull.

Myotonia paradoxica, occurs with exercise. Clinical Picture- – Age of onset: Diminishes in successive samples. The artery in the sinus hasssan off three small branches: Anticholinergic drugs, the response – may be dramatic. Visual agnosia in left sided lesions. Vasodilators as piribedil Trivastal 50 mg daily. Vit Bi 2 ngm I.


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It is a broad band of elwwan fibres lying in the depth of the cerebral hemisphere. Age Old age Jassan age Commonly old age 2. Fay rated it really liked it Jan 21, It is usually part of temporal lobe epilepsy.

This artery arises as a branch of the vertebral artery but may rarely originate from the proximal part of the basilar artery. Parasymp athetic supp ly: These are small infarcts 0.

Dr.hassan Elwan Neurology

The patient’s plasma is “exchanged” for albumin. The pyramidal system also exerts an inhibitory effect on this stretch reflex. Weakness or paralysis in the lower limbs, in the muscles supplied by L 4 ,5 and Si, 2 dorsiflexors and plantar-flexors of the ankle and toes, the flexors of the knee and the extensors of the hip.

Weakness starts elwna L.

Dysarthria in the form of staccato speech explosive, interrupted speech. The 3 order neurone the same as in superficial sensations. Mohamed Adam rated it really liked it May 12,