Hawkwood and the Kings is set in a parallel to our world’s late fifteenth century. I read Hawkwood and the Kings together with Century of the Soldier, which is. Light shelfwear to cover. Domestic orders shipped with USPS tracking numbers. Hawkwood and the Kings is the omnibus edition of Hawkwood’s Voyage and The Heretic Kings. The first two books in the five book series.

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Aruan has corrupted Bardolin and most of the Dweomer-folk of the continent to his service. Theology is less important than power and the social institutions that run the churches. An area which Kearney could have badly fumbled is in his treatment of his source material.

The fires had a claustrophobic effect, however, making the towers of the trees press ever closer in on them, emphasizing the huge, restless jungle which pursued its own arcane business off in the darkness as it had for eons before them. The intention behind this scene is to show the unavoidable consequences of such military decisions.

If you like fantasy literature with an emphasis on the military then this book and this series is for you. Finally finished the combined first two novels of the Monarchies of God series by Paul Kearney. Wednesday, 1 September Wertzone Classics: To ask other readers questions about Hawkwood and the Kingsplease sign up.


The peasants, as noted in foreground descriptions, have no stake in religious beliefs imposed upon them. And lets face it this was like candy for me. The real strength of the story is the descriptions of sailing ships and land combat. In fallSolaris Books has reissued the series in two volumes, Hawkwood and the Kings [2] and Century of Soldier.

I can only conclude that all those recommendations hawkwoof about are some kind of practical joke by other disappointed readers. According to Kearney, the Fimbrians reemerge as the dominant force on the continent after the Second Empire’s fall but Torunna retains its independence and Hebrion eventually becomes its own master again.

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Monarchies of God

Both meetings end in unpredicted ways. However, Heria has survived and becomes the concubine of the Ostraban sultan, Aurungzeb tbe, equally believing that her husband is also dead.

Commoners and peasants live the same, be their masters Ramusians, Merducs or the utopia of Aruan.

Ultimately the story coalesces into two main threads: Additionally the world is, in some kongs, very reminiscent of our own Old Europe, Middle East, the New World – which I find makes things easy to keep track of. The Fimbrians arrive first and help repel the enemy, but only Corfe’s heavy cavalry wins the day, defeating the Merduks at the Battle of the North More. The books sets a grim tone with the fall of the holy city of Aekir to the Merduk horde. I think it’s because of the religious aspects of the story.


It pays for website hosting, postage for giveaways, and bookmarks and t-shirts. But, what do you know, they’re dead too now.

Hawkwood and the Kings

Had the publisher actively marketed the original releases of The Monarchies kiings God, the books would have sold well and would unquestionably be considered classics alongside other great adult fantasies like George R.

The Kingdom of Torunna stands open to their armies, with only a scant defence being mounted at the fortress of Ormann Dyke.

The entire series is roughly pages. First rate fantasy, and a worthy successor to Gemmell. Much of our kingd special functionality was coded by Zane Hooper. One viewpoint in particular broke my heart then broke it again then took the stringy, bloody pieces and fed them to hyenas. What will you be treated to? This new edition will hopefully lead to a resurgence of interest in this over-neglected series.

Monarchies of God – Wikipedia

Click any book cover or this link. Kearney also supplies a few other characters as protagonists, from all sides of the conflict, but to a lesser extent than the aforementioned three. Sep 05, Chernz rated it it was amazing.