How to Decorate Sliding Doors

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Decorate sliding doors – Sliding doors are challenging to decorate. Not only a lot of sliding doors made of glass and therefore is not painted, but the sliding doors do not have to face obstacles when opening or closing. Wood sliding doors, which are often used for cabinets, often painted or stained but did not have barriers that impair movement. Decorations are limited due to the nature of the door. Although certain limited options project, there are several basic designs are available for sliding doors which can make beautiful doors without damaging them.

Install the curtain rods reach across the door. Hammer curtain rod holder into place using nails provided. Hang the curtains to decorate sliding doors. These types of curtains are used, from Lacy curtains that let light through glass doors to a heavy curtain that can hide the door completely when it closed, was based solely on personal preference and color scheme of the room.

Avoid colors that conflicted with the room decor. The curtain should be rolled into the rod curtain rod curtain and drapes put holder in accordance with the instructions given by the stem. Wiggle them a little to decorate sliding doors make sure that the curtain rods securely in place.

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