Philips IntelliSpace Portal has been named Category Leader in the Advanced Visualization category in the Best in KLAS: Software. The Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualization solution designed to simplify the way radiologists work, think and care for patients by delivering on. Designed to optimize your workflow, IntelliSpace Portal Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualization platform that offers a.

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These tools are designed to facilitate rapid, objective, quantitative and consistent image intellispae. As a basis for comprehensive analysis and quantification, the liver is segmented semi-automatically using six types of segmentation, including 8-lobe and 9-lobe.

Philips IntelliSpace Portal

KLAS data is accurate, honest and impartial. Share on social media. Finally, load your iXR data sets faster than before for a quicker read. Portal Web Collaborator is a zero-client Web-browser based cross-platform tool.

And new service offerings provide greater degrees of connectivity so you can get clinical support on the fly.

KBA1 Work with multiple patient datasets, but one unifying vision Improved prefetch rules and streamlined PACS integration help you launch cases quickly, and support intellipace integration with the Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular suite. portwl

Servers Server SolutionsServer Components. The program automatically corrects misregistration intellispsce motion artifacts, and displays summary maps that help you distinguish between still-viable and non-viable infarcted tissue. Product Details IntelliSpace Portal supports the analysis, interpretation, and presentation of critical patient data throughout the continuum. Communication with colleagues – Collaborate in real time Working together is easy.

Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: November 20, Philips pioneers adaptive intelligence in health technology to advance value-based healthcare at RSNA News Enterprise Imaging December 17, They include remote monitoring so that Philips can continually assure system health and performance, and offer real-time support when needed. Explore Philips wide selection of ultrasound machines, designed to meet the challenges of today’s clinical practices.


Digital Radiography Technology Report: Multi-site scalable capability – Broaden your reach A scalable solution, IntelliSpace Portal Concerto offers constant access to information. It turns any mobile device into a true multi-modality viewer Multi-site scalable capability – Broaden your reach A scalable solution, IntelliSpace Portal Concerto offers constant access to information.

CT Spectral Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis Provides the ability to run cardiac segmentation on different energy levels, compare vessel curves with various spectral data types, and enhance the visual assessment of coronary vessel patency.

Philips Medical Systems Technologies Ltd. Philips IntelliSpace Portal – Citrix Ready Marketplace

If it doesn’t, restart the download. Enhanced semi automatic volumetric segmentation has been optimized per modality. It offers a full suite of interoperable healthcare informatics applications and services for hospitals and integrated health networks to help further improve quality of care, while meeting the evolving challenges of budget constraints.

The research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor intellispacd. Based on Philips’ Extended Brilliance WorkSpace, IntelliSpace Portal employs an easy-to-experience user interface that allows access to a wide variety of applications designed to support quick and quantitative diagnosis.

It allows the user to load several cases in parallel, each taken from a different examination time, segment and edit tumors, and perform lesion analysis based on spectral data. Explore our nuclear imaging solutions. Manage pulmonary patients with just one reading.

You can also segment lesions and quantify anatomic and metabolic state over time. Discover how Intellispqce interventional X-ray systems and solutions enable you to provide excellent care.

Philips IntelliSpace Portal KLAS Category Leader – News | Philips

View tumors with different spectral data types VNC, iodine map and acquire images at different energy levels keV. Access multiple modalities from one i Learn more about Philips MRI technologies. Visualization and quantitative analysis of the diffusion-perfusion mismatch in case of acute stroke is also included.

Magnetic Resonance Discover how Philips MRI systems and solutions can help you perform in many clinical circumstances. Simplify tumor tracking with enhancements to our flagship oncology application.


Philips IntelliSpace Portal Offers Single Workstation for Multiple Modalities

The KLAS report names the top-performing healthcare IT software suppliers in global markets as reported by healthcare providers. The data in this report comes from both evaluation types and was collected over the last 12 months. A full suite of tools helps you visualize the lungs, review results, and report any PE findings. KBA1 Diagnose within multiple clinical domains, with one standard for diagnosis Not only in the field of neuro, but also in cardiovascular, Philips continually updates our suite of applications to assure you have comprehensive tools in multiple clinical domains.

PHIA is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Diagnose within multiple clinical dom NM Review NM Review provides a powerful yet simple to use image review and analysis environment for clinical evaluation of Molecular Imaging and hybrid imaging examinations.

It offers access to automatic image co-registration tools, 3D lesion segmentation based on SUV threshold and percentage of SUVmax, a Slab Viewer to view oblique slices and a layout editor for personalized display. It connects with multiple servers – at different sites or at a single site – to provide universal viewing of patients within your imaging enterprise.

You can streamline clinical workflows as you drive standardization and excellence across your enterprise — with just one single platform.

Often, when radiologists seek the expert opinion of specialists to help with difficult cases, finding a time and place for joint review can be challenging.