Though labeled a sequel to Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades is very much a While it expands upon ideas introduced in the earlier novel, John Scalzi. Rather than continue the story of John Perry, year-old recruit to the Colonial Defense Forces, The Ghost Brigades shifts focus to the. The Ghost Brigades is the second book in the Old Man’s War series. The Ghost Brigades are the Special The Ghost Brigades cover. Book. Author, John Scalzi.

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A fun sci-fi space opera. They are adults without childhoods, humans with neither a past nor any identity that their BrainPal hasn’t established to serve the CDF’s military goals.

scalzii The Ghost Brigades deals almost exclusively with the Special Forces who have been nicknamed the Ghost Brigades on account of their entire Forces using the bodies of people who did not enter the militar Warning: The point in saying that is that I’ve salzi basically all the space travel sci-fi storylines that exist today and that makes The Ghost Brigades particularly average for me.

However, where Heinlein wove threads of his libertarian political leanings throughout his books, Scalzi has chosen to focus more on philosophical issues. There is a mad scientist who turns traitor and likes to monologue his plans to our hero.

Bookslut | The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

They are firstly the Consu, the super advanced race of religious zealots we were introduced to in the first book. This is the longest elevator ride off britades life. As much as I might want to fly, flying will not be what I do if I jump off a cliff.

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Sometimes the CDF needs better, fiercer soldiers. When they “awake”, they’re bodies are already grown-up. Book 3 next month, I guess.

The first part was ok, almost a carbon copy of the debut ghosy the series – with special training and first mission as part of a crack team. After a clunky first chapter, the writing is solid and the characterization good.

To prevail, the CDF must find out why Boutin did what he did. Last but not least: Boutin is a genius CDF military scientist who knows all their secrets and who should be dead.

It also does a good job of setting up some future conflicts that – I’m assuming – we’ll bgigades seeing in the next installments. I don’t know if I boiled instead of simmered, uncovered instead of covered, or failed to sneak in extra secret spice.

There is also waaaaaay too much explaining. Every successful sf author seems to have a popular series to call their own.

That saved the story for me. How ethical is the existence of the Ghost Brigades?

Neither group could reasonably be said to possess free will in the sense that you or I enjoy it, and we’re immediately prompted to wonder what degree of free will we actually enjoy. In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook.

The Ghost Brigades

One thing I really, really liked as a random small touch was the characterisation of Harvey, near the end. Apr 11, Kevin Kelsey rated it liked it Shelves: On it’s own – it’s a good read. It sounds cool, until you actually think about it. It forces us to really consider the state of our world, and whether or not changes need to be made for the better.


It’ll deserve another attempt. OMW really scalzo the spot when I read it a number of years ago, the surprise at what these elderly folks were getting themselves into when they signed up for the military at the end of their lives was a great one and the action was non-stop for the rest of the book. However, I read it in June and I have just read this second volume three years later.

I just didn’t want to die He must come to terms with who he is and with the choices he can make. View all 19 comments. Nov 20, Marijan rated it it was amazing. This is a cool science fiction novel that has elements ghodt murder mystery and James Bond.

While it expands upon ideas introduced in the earlier novel, John Scalzi doesn’t require you to have read it to become fully absorbed in this one. The transfer succeeds, ending Dirac’s consciousness.