Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay On Killing by Dave Grossman What It is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes Military Neuropsychology by Carrie H. Dive deep into Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam and Odysseus in. America. Richard Blucher, Department of International Studies, The Norwegian Military Academy, PO Box.

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Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character by Jonathan Shay

The excess of Achilles’ revenge for Patroclus’ death, the killing spree which includes vietna the river, his refusal of mercy to Lycaon, his abuse of Hector’s body: I seen achilels NVA soldier at a distance.

We take the idea of the manager as the commander. There have been many admissions to veterans’ facilities and many hours of work with psycholog This is a really interesting and valuable book. Learn how war damages the mind and spirit, and work to change those things in military institutions and culture that needlessly create or worsen these injuries.

The Iliad is a story of these immediate and devastating consequences.

Betrayal, spirituality and the role of chaplains. Dec 11, James rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: In both cases the moral constitution of the army, its cultural contract, has been impaired under risk of death and mutilating wounds.

But Shay examines the close bonds forged between soldiers in the crucible of war recognizable to anyone who has read All Quiet on the Western Front and jonathxn that “Achilles’ grief for Patroklos would not have been greater had they been a sexual couple, nor less if they had not been. The stocks [of the M] broke in hand-to-hand.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Having worked in the corporation, I have seem many elements that have come out of the book. At that time we moved. They gassed us almost to death. Books by Jonathan Shay. Contrary to what the young men anticipated in training and in watching war films, once they encountered the reality of battle, they fervently wanted to avoid it and wanted risk to be fairly distributed.


It opens the way for berserk rage, which I will describe in chapter 5. This, once again, is not the case. Judith Lewis Herman, Harvard Trauma Conference We begin in the moral world of the soldier — what his culture understands to be right — and betrayal of that moral order by a commander.

Jonathan Shay

Shay goes beyond just the devastating effects of the response and critically examines many aspects how it takes shape and why we observe its increased prevalence in the American military. Kudos to Shay for this great book. The enemy initiated 90 percent of all engagements but “lost” them all.

No one can conclusively answer these questions today. There was just one stupid fucking thing after another. When I had said it, he smiled in a not very friendly way and drew his finger across his throat.

Achilles’ rage at this wrong is immediate: Sensitive, eloquent and full of profound revelations, this book altered my own view on PTSD and gave me a new appreciation for Homer. For some it was a way to “prove” themselves to themselves, sometimes to their fathers and uncles who were World War Ii veterans.

Achilles says, Only this bitterness eats at my heart when one man would deprive and shame his equal, taking back his prize by abuse of power. At its worst our educational system produces counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists who resemble museum-goers whose whole experience consists of mentally saying, “That’s cubist! Log-in or create an account first!

All too often, however, our mode of listening deteriorates into intellectual sorting, with the professional grabbing the veterans’ words from the air and sticking them in mental bins.

What got us thoroughly fucking confused is, at that time you turn to the team and jobathan say to the team, “Don’t worry about it.

Shay occasionally seems to confuse Homer’s literally true psychological portrait of war and soldiers with a similarly true historical portrait, as when he says “The king of Lykia, a Trojan ally, is killed in action.

I pulled the trigger on my M and nothing happened. Shay calls this “moral injury. Most of the time politically. Lastly, may be missing components, e. The cities of Greece were perpetually at war, and the suffering engendered by war was, even in the Bronze Age, more terrible and universal than the Iliad indicates All of this averages out to a 6. We too have for the most part remained ambivalent, unable to condone Achilles’ treatment of Lycaon, of Hector, of the twelve Trojans sacrificed on Patroclus’ funeral pyre.


Betrayal particularly by our politicians who lied us into war for their own political ends and by a wider society which just dismissed our service as inconsequential at best and as somehow morally flawed at worst. But while you’re reading it, it does have those impressive insights to keep you going. We don’t have to go on repeating the same mistakes.

Shay makes Homer accessible to the modern psyche by demonstrating that many seemingly foreign aspects of the Iliad ‘s narrative are alive and well in any soldier’s experience. Such skills are only slightly transferable from one officer to his replacement and mainly have to be acquired from experience.

Old Tappan, New Jersey, U. Time and again they were assailed un “losers” by World War II veterans. However, I shall argue what I’ve come to strongly believe through my sjay with Vietnam veterans: Homer and his aristocratic audience paid attention to Achilles where they would have ignored the trauma and berserkerang of social nobodies. Victory — and the cut, crushed, burned, impaled, suffocated, frozen, diseased, drowned, poisoned, or iin corpses — mutually anchor each other’s meaning.

The role of the police is to protect the order of society and to thoroughly investigate crimes to make sure that the real perpetrator is arrested. Officers in every, armed force must find ways of inducing their men to fight and risk their lives — a most unnatural activity