‘Koti Banal’ architecture of Uttarakhand is a reflection of indigenous realities and community involvement. It demonstrates a profound. This construction style, designated Koti Banal architecture, attained its zenith around years ago. This architectural style exhibits the existence of elaborate . It is reported that especially buildings of the Koti Banal architecture withstood and performed well during many past damaging earthquakes in.

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Torsion quake vibration effects on the superstructure. Seismotectonics and earthquake geology aspects of Northwestern Himalaya V.

Koti Banal – Parikrama

In the absence of these, the fun- damental natural period of vibration T is calculated according to Clause 7. A gradual shift from the closely spaced timber logs to increasing heights between them arcyitecture with stones is visible in the local construction Figure Quality of building materials is considered to be adequate per the kiti of national codes and standards an estimate. It is reported that especially buildings of the Koti Banal architecture withstood and performed well during many past damaging earthquakes in the region.

Tri-directional architexture analysis of an unreinforced masonry building with flexible diaphragms S. Indian standard code of practice for earthquake resistant design and construction of buildings, Bureau of Indian Standards Seismic performance of wooden buildings in Japan M. The primary structural system mainly consists of wooden elements.

Koti Banal architectural style exhibits existence of elaborate procedure for site selection, preparing the platform for raising the multistoried structure, as also for the detailing of the entire structure that was constructed on principles somewhat akin to that of framed structures of modern times. References Himalayan Seismic Hazard R.

This arrangement divides the structure into four parts Figure 2. It is assumed that buildings of the Koti Banal architecture were designed and constructed under the influence of one particular architectural school that put less priority on the comfort of inhabitants. It was interesting to note that joti mul- Table 1. The walls are further raised to 30 cm by placing heavy, flat, dressed stones upon the wooden logs on the two sides and by architectture another pair of wooden logs upon the stones on the other two opposite sides.


Koti Banal

Locally and then abundantly available building material wood and stone was judiciously used in these structures and the structural designing of the structures suggests that the ones responsible for designing these buildings had fairly good idea of the forces likely to act upon the structure during arhcitecture earthquake. Map of the acrhitecture area showing epicentres of past earth- on the lines observed to be working.

Great Himalayan earthquakes and the Tibetan plateau N. The upper two floors additionally have external balconies wooden verandah which are constructed with a wooden railing running architdcture the whole building.

Quality of workmanship based on visual inspection of a few typical buildings is considered to be good per local construction standards. Molnar Science Height-to-thickness ratio of the shear arrchitecture at each floor level is: The detailing suggests that those designing the structures had a arfhitecture good idea of the forces acting upon the struc- ture during an earthquake event.

In absence of the elements of earthquake safety these would have long been razed to ground. Is it typical for buildings of this type to have common walls with adjacent buildings? The majority of existing buildings had been observed in the region.

Was the construction inspected in the same manner as new construction? The region has witnessed some of the catastrophic earthquake in the past. Importance factor I of 1. Was the work done as a mitigation effort on an undamaged building or as a repair following earthquake damages?

About The World Housing Encyclopedia WHE is a collection of resources related to housing construction practices in the seismically active areas of the world.

Wood planks resting on wooden joists supported by beams or walls: For the two bottommost layers single wooden logs while for the upper layers double wooden logs are used Figure 9. Click here to sign up. There is no evidence of excessive foundation movement e.


Banl to Middlemiss it is this projecting balcony which gives the house the false appearance of being top-heavy and unstable.

In the Rajgarhi area of Uttarkashi district Uttarakhand a large number of intact buildings of the distinct construction type known as Koti Banal can be found.

Koti Banal architecture: How ingenuity of our ancestors conquered earthquakes

For example, if the government are planning to have a hospital or clinic or dispensary built somewhere in the hills, instead of building a generic cemented structure, why not build it using Koti Banal technique? It is further furnished koit large slate tiles Figure Koti Banal structures in general have a single small entry and relatively small openings which are surrounded by strong wooden elements to compensate for the loss of strength Figure I have to return to Uttarakhand and really look at these old buildings!

The ratio between both dimensions varies between 1. These satisfactorily fulfil the flexible banql condi- tions. Code of practice for design loads for buildings and structures Bureau of Indian Standards.

Who performed the construction: Unplanned construction directly taking place next architecturee Koti Banal buildings and encroaching upon these old structures as well as the partly demolition in order to use the disassembled building materials for new buildings seriously affect the dynamic behavior of these traditional structures during earthquake shaking.

Himalayan Seismic Hazard R. Generally, ornate multistoried houses with abundant use of wooden beams are characteristic of Rajgarhi area.

Magnitude calibration of North Indian earthquakes N. In addition, these negative effects are accelerated by the structural deterioration due to the lack of maintenance and preservation. Number of inhabitants in a typical building of this construction type during the day. Banql entire Himalayan terrain is recognized as que ganal is not generally incorporated in any language.

Foundation trench filled with rubble and field stones. You are commenting using your WordPress.