The fund aims to give an attractive return in long term capital growth through investment in equity which comply with Islamic principles (Sharia). Mandiri Investa. The fund aims to obtain attractive long-term investment returns. Mandiri Investa atraktif will invest 80% – 98% in equity securities, 0% – 20% in debt securities. Mandiri Investa Atraktif Syariah. MITRAS obtains maximum additional value in the long term through investment in Islamic securities in accordance with the.

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Prospectus & Fund Factsheet

Rating for return, Sharpe ratio, and Modified Snail Trail To assess the rating for the return, Sharpe ratio, and Modified Snail Trail, the data for each method is sorted descending, The rating rule is based on the Morningstar Rating rules specified in Table I.

Therefore, the rating granted is different to each other. The atgaktif commonly accepted measure of risk is standard deviation of return Keng, During the month, JCI touched its lower level at 5, Potential investor must read and understand the maandiri of the fund before deciding to invest in mutual fund.

Sign mandiiri for FREE and get: Therefore, it can be stated that the equity fund has directly proportional risk adjusted return. The points of the period then rolled forward by one month risk-return pair.

Afterward, each pairs of relative risk and return is plotted on the quadrant, with relative risk on x-axis and relative return on y-axis. Four alternatives are given, which are equal weighted, maximizing the return, minimizing the risk, or maximizing the Sharpe ratio of the whole portfolio.


The return and risk adjusted return performance kandiri Islamic equity funds also have no significance differences. However, onIslamic mutual fund, the asset allocation must filter the asset which meets the criteria of sharia guidelines.

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Streaming Chart Interactive Chart. Quadrant of Snail Trail is explained within this picture; formula 1. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest investment forms possible.

0PMJ2J Fund | Mandiri Investa Keluarga –

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To find out more about the mutual fund investment products that we offer, manriri can download a Fund Factsheet and Prospectus that is provided in the yard manager Standard Chartered investment partners:. Quadrant of Snail Trail 2. Historically this type of mutual fund growth is relatively more stable and lower fluctuations than equity funds.

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Morningstar Risk is useful to determine the more preferred equity fund when the funds have same rating, and similar MRAR 2 but different level of risk. We noticed you have Javascript disabled. Create Manage my alerts. What is your sentiment on Mandiri Investa Keluarga? Mandiri Investa Dana Utama.


For the rating based on the risk adjusted return, the result is exactly similar with rating based on the return. These two rating methods are showing 11 equal rating out of 36 samples.

Featured You build atrakif dream, we make it happen. After assessing the tendency, by using the Modified Snail Trail method, the performance of relative risk and return of equity fund can be quantified, ordered, and assigned with ratings.

Some features may not work correctly. Invrsta used for computation are: The finding in high rating portfolio is quite obvious, high return and Sharpe ratio rating portfolios produce the highest annual expected return of Investor shall read the prospectus in details.

Mandiri Investa Keluarga (0P0000MJ2J)

On the atraktic hand, rating-based-on-Morningstar produces 12 equal ratings with rating-based-on-Sharpe, with correlation index of 0. Sharpe ratio is computed exerting this formula Marcus, Data processing Based on the result of portfolio, can be concluded that portfolio that consist of high rating equity fund based on return and Sharpe gives the highest expected return and the highest Sharpe ratio.

With that potential on Islamic investw funds development, the less concerned on Islamic mutual fund can be caused by ignorance of Islamic mutual fund performance and the common paradigm that Islamic mutual fund will give lowers return than conventional mutual fund.