28X AIRPORT FLYER. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY SERVICE. To Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland. To Pittsburgh International Airport. Pittsburgh Airport. To Robinson Town Centre Pittsburgh International Airport. Light type indicates AM times. Bold type indicates PM times. Port Authority of Allegheny County is pleased to offer service to Pittsburgh International Airport via the West Busway (28X Airport Flyer).

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28X Airport Flyer « CBS Pittsburgh

My question is why such a large bag? Other Related Sub-reddits Related: This also means that pitgsburgh buses tend to get stuck in the same rush hour traffic as everyone else, so depending on where you’re going you may have to plan to arrive earlier than anticipated.

What should not be missed in Pittsburgh? The following is a selection of the very best recommendations we can provide.

Stop Other On page ready University Shuttles — Students of the University of PittsburghPittsbugrhand Carnegie Mellon can ride their respective university shuttle for free when they present their ID card.

We hope you’ll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one.

For more products, check out our Pittsburgh shopping guide! Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. The article above on service to West Mifflin Estates on the 55 came out almost four months before the change was made.

Looking for a Pittsburgh hotel? What are the most popular tours in Pittsburgh? I understand not wanting to turn it into another East end to downtown bus, but there’s no reason it can’t drop people off on the west busway. No Preference Avoid Minimize. Pittsburhh there was some uncertainty whether it would happen, but if you want people to use the route more, gotta publicize it better. 28xx isn’t an issue really.


If you can’t carry it on your back then it is way too large. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Pittsburvh the Burgh uses demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links to operate this site. That’s a common theme in the previous service extensions; PPT has been mum on this.

Proposed extensions to the Ipttsburgh have been made to go pigtsburgh Oakland and the Airport, but don’t hold your breath on this happening any time soon.

There’s arguably frequent service between Oakland and the West Busway – inbound 61s and 71s plus the 67 and 69 go by every couple of minutes, and the G2 runs every 8 minutes at rush hour.

The T Light Rail — Train that connects the southern suburbs to downtown and the stadiums. I think they were discussing that back when there was a West Busway Oakland route, having that go to Robinson and 28X run express.

Web Page Web Page: Last couple of years they’ve done them in September.

28X Airport Flyer

About Us Help Center. We recommend reconfirming shuttle options prior to booking if this is a priority as availabilities could change.

That could be a huge mess Edit: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Yes, it sucks to transfer, but the West Busway riders and even the Robinson bus riders have other public transit options; the airport riders don’t. I see all types of people with multiple bags and suitcases board the bus. Places And Map 1. Second, lane expansion is not the easiest task and you may find that multiple roads exist going along similar paths as some are, quite literally, built on top of the previous ones.


News may be available. Keep in mind that many routes terminate downtown so you may have to prepare for a minimum of one trdansfer to get around. Clear Rider Alerts Feed may be available. College students will be coming back from their breaks in the next few days.

Lost And Found Phone: Walking Bicycling Driving Avoid: A full bus map can be found here. Likewise, keep in mind that many neighborhoods in Pittsburgh have permit parking for residents and have restricted visitor parking to less than hours also be aware of street cleaning schedules.

Airport ridership alone is not sufficient to sustain the route, and the Robinson loop adds only about 10 minutes to trip. Highways Tolls Walking Driving Optimize: Damn, I could’ve used this on Sunday.

I recall that PAT has been planning this for a while it was included in their annual report earlier this yearso it’s a bit disappointing that they are only announcing this 11 days before it goes into effect. If so, yes, sometimes the 28 uses an articulated bus during holidays, breaks.

28X Bus from Airport to Downtown – Pittsburgh Forum

Try under Links for online contacts. Private Pittsburgh City Tour. However, the changes associated with that report are always included in the quarterly service adjustments. Pittsvurgh wouldn’t be surprised if people in Moon had no idea about this until today.

About Privacy Terms of Use Company. Traffic Bike Paths Traffic Me. I live near the west busway and I take it to the airport when I 28d for work.