AVL and Altair Engineering are pleased to bring you a free collection of tutorials to become better acquainted with AVL CRUISE™ M. Training Videos,Tutorials. mathematical models developed by AVL CRUISE team and points out the characteristic of each vehicle component used in the models created in the following. @ Driving Cycle Simulation with CRUISE: . AVL CRUISE Powertrain model integrated into CarMaker environment via.

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A Smarter Approach to Vehicle Design with System-Level Modeling By taking a system-level modeling approach, CEVT engineer Michael Palander is creating a powerful testing and simulation platform that can be used to verify the functionality of their new automotive technologies at earlier stages in the design process.

Engineering Solutions for Engines Testing Solutions for Engines Simulation Xvl for Engines Engine Production AVL as reliable cooperation partner supporting customers to ensure the production quality during the production and manufacturing process of combustion engines. To mitigate this risk, the technique of virtual commissioning VC promises to reduce the significant delays and costs associated with the difficult task of system integration and commissioning.

AVL CRUISE – Vehicle simulation platform – Third-Party Products & Services – MATLAB & Simulink

AVL respects your privacy. To reach a zero-emission mobility the electrification of vehicle powertrains will be necessary. MapleSim Datasheet Learn More. This global-local workflow process may then be repeated for any other component of interest within the Aero Wing structural assembly.

48V Mild HEV Controller Development with AVL CRUISE™ – Content –

futorial Using Virtual Operator-in-the-Loop Analysis to Avoid Market Rejection at the Earliest Stages of Cab Design Through an extensive digital human modeling environment that has been used to accurately predict many aspects of human performance, Santos technologies can be used to improve and optimize cab designs.

Even test data can agl included in the DoE. The AVL CRUISE M numerical solver is tailored for efficient multi-physics system simulation and is combined with a highly flexible, multi-level modeling approach open to 3rd party tools offering FMI as a standard model exchange interface.

For efficient mission planning of troop movement, the Department of Defense needs reliable mobility maps. Transferability and a balance between the individual test environments off-line simulation, hardware-in-the-loop, component testbed, vehicle testbed, road, etc.

A blend of reliability and quality with reduced development times and costs Hi CES Tutoria, – Tour of features and getting started exercises These exercises provide an overview of the key tools and features in Gutorial Selector and form a set of tutorials to help you familiarize yourself with the software.

  GE863 PRO3 PDF

This technology consists of the assembly of two similar or dissimilar materials using a rotating tool to ensure a mixing of the two materials.

Battery Solutions As an independent market leader in battery technology, AVL offers a full package of innovative tailored solutions to address the challenge of clean e-mobility. Please describe your concern, issue, expectation, or improvement suggestion: Co-simulation is an industry-proven robust way tutoriall implement Multiphysics analysis. Cross Section Creator Learn More.

AVL CRUISE™ M Tutorial Videos

The increasing complexity in combustion engines requires a consistent and smart test methodology and test technology considering the manufacturing and assembling processes related to modern engine technologies. By submitting with my email address, I give consent to crkise contacted by AVL for follow-up.

Multi-scale Co-simulation and Model Integration with CosiMate and Flux This webinar presents how to co-simulate and integrate models created with different state-of-the-art tools at the system level.

The Altair Partner Alliance effectively extends the HyperWorks Platform from more than 20 internally developed solutions to upwards of 60 applications with the addition of new partner applications.

Workflow Integration of Total Materia in the HyperWorks Environment This webinar presents a detailed look at how Total Materia can be used to decrease risk and increase efficiency as an integrated tool within the Altair environment.

This, in turn, ensures optimum operator performance for a broad range of tasks and target markets. Fully validated state-of-the-art physical simulation models embedded in application specific simulation methods enable virtual prototyping on component and system level for most efficient combination of simulation, design and testing.

Engineering Solutions for Controls and Electronics Testing Solutions for Controls and Electronics Simulation Solutions for Controls and Electronics Powertrain Controls Controls are a key characteristic to differentiate the behavior of the powertrain in regards to vehicle performance, emissions, robustness of diagnostic and brand style Brand DNA.

Simulation software such as Altair HyperWorks suite have enabled virtual design greatly reducing or even replacing physical testings. It is the industry standard software tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties.

The web presentation includes a speech about the needs for software, the idea of the Additive Works ASAP workflow and a live demonstration of the capabilities of the software. How to combine compact and lightweight constru AVL can deliver independent and modular powertrain software control solutions from prototype through to production to meet individual customer demands. Engineering Solutions for Tractors Testing Solutions for Tractors Simulation Solutions for Tractors Tractor Engineering Solution Flexible application diversity in a cost effective manner, productivity increase including precision as well as sustainability are driving the industry.


The value generated from the investment is maximized by avoiding the high cost of operational downtime and reducing the risk of inaccurate testing results. Your email address if you wish to be contacted by AVL for follow-up optional: VIRFAC FSW predicts temperature contours in the welded zone, power dissipation, and the sliding ratio on the interface between the shoulder and the workpiece.

Calculation Management crulse Maple Maple is a software tool that can handle all your mathematical needs, from performing simple calculations to advanced computations, visualizations, data analysis, and algorithm development. From diesel engines to electric drives, from abl fuels to control software, from transmissions to batteries, we have been working in partnership with companies all over the world for more than 60 years.

Highest requirements and customer expectation cruies respect to robustness, reliability, initial costs, functionality, efficiency and comfort are driving factors. Key to Metals Learn More. Optenni Lab is designed to setup and solve aperture and impedance tuner design problems using either switch fruise a variable capacitor. An integrated scalable model fidelity approach enables the utilization of the AVL CRUISE M subsystem and overall vehicle models anywhere in the powertrain development process from concept phase to testing.

Commercial Vehicles – On Road Powertrains for light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles use an increasing number of complex systems for engine, transmission, electric drives, exhaust aftertreatment and the respective electronic control systems. Extensive engineering experience and skills drive AVL’s advanced solutions combined with efficient testing and simulation tools. More precisely predicting part stiffness and failure.

Fuel economy, emissions, cost, performance and driveability are all optimized in the AVL approach.

AVL List GmbH

Examples of how and when casting simulation can improve designs. AVL supports the life cylce of the product beginning with: As a global company specialized in cold forging, customer satisfaction is the top most priority. How can we make this page better for you? Granta Design Learn More.