The Shikshapatri presented by Bhagwan Swaminarayan to Governor Sir John Malcolm, On the fly-leaf the following unsigned inscription is written in English. Shikshapatri Bhashya. Sanskrit – English. [Incorporates ‘Arthadeepika’ treatise by Shatanand Muni]. By. S. G. Shatanand Muni. By orders from. H. H. Acharya. Shikshapatri BAPS – This is a universal application, for the first time ever, This application contains an explanation of The Shikshapatri in Swamiji’s own The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on

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Bhakti of Lord Shri Krishna, and association with saintly persons these two are the highest-achievements for persons endowed with merits like learning etc. Laxmiji, He is known as Laxmi-Narayan.

From the basics of hygiene, how to meditate, whom to honor, whose company to avoid, He believed that lasting reform shikshapafri rid society of these evils could best be achieved, not by use of force, but by the reasoned persuasion of enlightened and respected Indian leaders. My Bhaktas, who like Ambarish, have dedicated their lies completely to Lord Shri Krishna, shall also similarly go through all procedure of worship of lord Englush Krishna, as explained above upto mental worship.

Maya is one which constitutes the three qualities – Satva, Raja and Tama, is ignorance incarnate, bas power of Lord Shri Krishna and is englosh cause prima for ego and personal attachment for body physic and everything else related to it, on the part of Jiva.

Amidst an atmosphere of mutual respect, Governor Malcolm enquired if Bhagwan Swaminarayan or his disciples had been harmed under British rule. They shall not wear dress like married women, nor like a Sanyasini a female recluse nor like a Vairagini a nun nor shall they put on dress which is against the custom of the place and the practice on their family.

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One shall never meditate upon Jivas-men as well as deities, however great, as Bhaktas and knowers of Brahman they may be. Whenever they go for darsan paying homage to of Lord Krishna, their Guru or Sadhu, they shall not partake enroute or at their places food etc.

They, therefore, shall initiate into discipleship all male and aspirants for final beatitude. And for realizing glory and greatness of Lord Shri Krishna, the tenth and the fifth canto of the Trimmed Bhagwat shall be pre-eminently followed. They shall perform ceremonial observance of all Vratas, such as Ekadashi and other according to their means as laid down in the Shastras, for such observance yields desired results.


No one shall ever associate with a thief, an addict, a hypocrite, a debauch, and a deceit.


They shall not give any money even for religious and charitable purpose, if the money is just sufficient for their maintenance, but if it be in excess, then only they may give some. They shall never talk nor hear talks shikshapafri them nor shall go for bath etc. Vairagya non-attachment means absence of love for objects other than Lord Shri Krishna, and knowledge means clear comprehension of the nature and form of Jiva, Maya and Isha.

My male followers who are householders shall not touch widows shiksjapatri are not their nearest relatives. All my followers shall invariably act daily as laid down above, shall study the Shastras either in Sanskrit or regional language according to their abilities. They shall not touch nor look at nor speak with a male in guise of a female and shall not deliver sermons or religious and philosophical discourses addressed directly or indirectly to females.

Thereafter, sitting sjikshapatri one place, shall cleanse teeth, then shall shikshapatrj bath with filtered and clean water and then shall wear one washed shikshapaatri and put on another such cloth as apron. Those who follow agriculture for maintenance shall not castrate their bullocks. They shall take food once a day only, shall sleep on the floor and shall never knowingly look at any living beings in coitus.

It has since been translated numerous times into other languages.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Williams on South Asian religions and immigration. Mayaram Bhatt and others, all who have become My followers. This rule shall not be violated in the name of equality. Those who are rich, shall perform non-violent sacrifices like Vishnu-yag, and shall feed Brahmins and Sadhus in place of pilgrimage and on auspicious days like twelfth day of each half of a month and such other days: They shall disregard commands of even their Guru, if such commands are likely to lead to a breach of their vow of celibacy and shall always be patient, contented and humble-minded free from ego.

All person on the earth, therefore, shall with fervent devotion worship Him alone. These Bhaktas shall never drink even water nor shall eat leaves, fruits, roots etc.

The mode of worship of Lord Shri Krishna as explained by him shall also be followed. In times of sheer necessity, if they touch or speak with an old man, no blemish attaches to them. The followers, who are twice-born, shall perform as occasion requires, all sanskaras with beginning from conception daily ceremonial offerings to deities and the Shraddhas obsequies of the Pitris ancestors as prescribed by in their respective Gruhya Sutra according to their means. They shall never keep close relation with a woman who has any kind of relation with a king.


They shall not act as an shikshapahri for others nor shall they do back-biting nor shall they be spies nor shall they englidh attachment to their body nor shall they entertain feelings of intimacy with their relatives. Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s Shikshapatri Written By: An easy to use Gujarati Calendar with Colour Images to represent key events. All shall here with respects, shikshapari or once enhlish year the tenth canto of Srimad Bhagwat. Listening to and 2.

When an untoward action is committed either by oneself or by others, none shall through anger or excitement cut or mutilate one’s limbs or limbs of other persons by means of any kind of weapon. Swaminarayan Stickers for WhatsApp. All shikshaparri know that in this world there is nothing more conducive to the realization of salvation than His Bhakti.

Because of their intimate relation with him, all their action also become Ehikshapatri. Cows and other cattle shall be maintained only if they can take care properly with fodder, water etc. Thereafter, all shall have darshan of and shall bow respectfully to the image drawn on paper or cloth of Lord Shri Krishna with Radha, then shall chant His mantra eight syllabled one according to their ability and shioshapatri shall attend to their worldly affairs jobs.

Those who are rich, shall perform non-violent sacrifices like Vishnu-yag, and shall feed Brahmins and Sadhus in place of pilgrimage and on auspicious days like twelfth day of each half of a month and such other days:. Focusing on God Pt Views Read Edit View history.

They shall not receive lessons of any kind from males who are not their nearest relatives and shall control their bodies an senses by frequent observances of various Vratas and fasts. All shall worship with singular devotion only that form of Lord Shri Krishna which is installed by the Acharya who is a descendant of the family of Shri Dharmadev and which is given to them for the purpose by him.

None shall insult one’s Guru, a very great person, a person highly placed in society, a learned man and a man with arms.