By Rick Paulas Cross-posted from KCET Food. In her new book “Behind the Kitchen Door,” Saru Jayaraman takes readers through a horrific. Behind the Kitchen Door has ratings and 96 reviews. Neil said: This is an worthwhile book talking about an important and widespread issue. While I’m. Behind the Kitchen Door. Saru Jayaraman . York Postpublished several articles documenting sexual harassment in restaurant kitchens in the United States.

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I eat at these restaurants, enjoy my meals with relish, treat the staff with respect and always leave a good tip. Many restaurants operate under a paradigm that doing the minimum will maximize the profits. Knowing what is behind t I found this to be a very engaging look at the issues sagu justice and equality in the world of restaurant workers. Unpaid overtime is common, as is working while sick.

As one reviewer said, this is essential reading for anyone who eats out. Our favorite toys kitcheb everyone on your list Shop now. We owe Saru and Fekkah and ROC members a debt of gratitude for opening the kitchen door for the rest of us, and giving us an opportunity to build solidarity with those who make our lives more joyful.

Yet often the treatment their fellow man has received whilst tending to the ingredients, particularly in so-called developed countries, is often forgotten. Hers is a captivating, rousing story.

We revere well-known chefs like they are rock stars. I think this had the potential to be a great read about a thought provoking subject, but ultimately just jayarwman short on multiple levels. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Main content page count It gives the book a much-needed optimistic lift when she describes the victories that the organization has achieved – otherwise the book could get weighed down by how abused the workers are.

Newsletters Comment Print this page. Yet supporters still expect the initiative to pass. Product Detail Trade paperback US.


Read this book, get inspired, and join the fight for fair food behind the kitchen door. Dooor certainly does bring up a point about being aware of who is serving you at any restaurant especially if all one race or gender is in a positio Behind the Kitchen Door is clearly sru book written with passion and concern by the author.

Jul 04, Connie rated it it was amazing. Behind the Kitchen Door.

Behind the Kitchen Door

I also vastly, vastly appreciate that this is one jayarsman the few books there is that focuses solely on the realities of working in the restaurant industry. Originally published at The Book Self Blog: That means the person who preps your food, cooks it or brings it the table could be sick and make you sick.

But whether you eat haute cuisine or fast food, the well-being of restaurant workers is a pressing concern, affecting our health and safety, local economies, and the life of our communities. Behind the Kitchen Door is a groundbreaking jayaramqn of the political, economic, and moral implications of dining out. Behind the Kitchen Door is one of those books I knew I should read, but resisted.

It will forever change the way I view restaurants! Though I eat plenty of homemade meals, I consider it to be a blessing to live in such kktchen great restaurant town. I like non-fiction that flows, and this was very choppy.

For those who don’t think restaurant workers deserve paid sick leave, the stories of sick people dor your food should change your mind.

This is an important book. For those of us who wish to choose compassionate consumption, the book is a beacon. All this seems really cool and the writing is very thorough but this book just wasn This book was an interesting experience for me.

Employers have done a good job of creating an environment filling the workers with futility and inevitability so that those with only one job skill never get a chance to advance and never get behinc chance to change careers.

Behind the Kitchen Door

As a result the book raises consciousnessinspires hope, and provides practical suggestions on how consumers can work for a more just and spiritually wholesome restaurant industry. Behind the Kitchen Door by Sarumathi Jayaraman.


And it’s not just McDonald’s, as much of the book focuses on fine dining and how racism, sexism, and bad management can oppress even relatively well-paid workers. In the least, it will remind restaurants that these things are important.

Behind the Kitchen Door by Sarumathi Jayaraman

While My son wound up in the hospital for a week right after I finished this book, and it was interesting to see the same racial dynamics playing out in the hospital.

In her groundbreaking new book, Saru Jayaraman exposes a missing plotline in the story of our food: It’s one in which as the restaurant grows, the people grow with it. It detracted from the message beuind the story.

Pretty accessible and quick read that really makes one point a variety of ways: The stories were redundant after voor few examples but the behond part was the constant compliments about ROC. Write a customer review. If the stakeholders, such as the workers, are not treated in a sustainable manner, the business will not be viable in the long term. While I’m glad I read it and would recommend it I found the combination of the discussion about the “slow food”, local food, and organic food movements distracting from what I saw as the primary issue, the labor practices of this industry.

There is a new chilling-yet-ultimately-hopeful book that tells the story of the millions who toil to serve us in restaurants: For anyone interested, they may jayaramab the 7 pages of notes at this address: Few food workers have insurance or even sick leave, which is a problem not just for the workers; patrons also suffer when ill workers prepare and serve meals