You can find the tire circumference (L) of your tire size in the chart below, or actually measure the tire circumference (L) of your bicycle. Tire size. L (mm) Tire size. I have a Cateye Micro Wireless computer that I want to put on my 29er, Does anyone have a tire size chart that lists 29ers, or does anyone. To use the calculator below, select a wheel and tire size from the table or enter the wheel and tire size in mm in the “Dia. (mm)” boxes. It will automatically.

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Mark where the valve stem. Shen Tan February 20, at Kris Ablan May 31, at 4: Mark where the valve stem is and measure the distance. Press the MENU button on the back of the com. Press the MENU button to complete setting.

Kris Ablan May 13, at 9: After much procrastination, I finally decided to use it. Current speed Cadence Preparing the computer Perform the following formatting operation, when you use the unit for the first time or restore the unit to the condition before shipment.

So, am I doing 23mph, or only 22? Guess the debate is chaet When it is not displayed, check the installation conditions.

Unknown August 18, at 8: Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Hi Kris, I bought a cateye wireless strada recently for my bike as well, and I stumbled onto your website while looking for the answer to the same question that you asked cateyr the manual did not have a computation for the Brompton’s tyre configurations.


After installed, check that the speed is displayed when gently turning.

Pressing and holding the MODE button switches. Fortunately, there’s the internet. I gots to know man. A problem came up, though, in inputing the wheel circumference [L mm ] unto the computer. With the tires under proper pressure, place the valve stem at the bottom.

Riding a folding bike around Manila: Finally using the Cateye Micro Wireless on my Brompton

Kris Ablan February 20, at 9: Enter the tire circumference. My only reference for using was Sheldon Brown’s chart. Just measured a new Schwalbe Marathon at charr one circumference along the ground and I get Just measured a fairly new Schwalbe Marathon at mm. If you look at the cateye tire circumference reference guide, http: So I entered that in the Cateye Micro Wireless and rode the bike to test if the code was correct.

Tie may be correct that the Brompton’s wheel circumference could be smaller catey Newer Post Older Post Home. Hi there I’ve measured the circumference by wrapping inch-tape around the wheel and I got mm measured 3 times, with the tape pretty tight Unknown July 6, sizf You can find the tire circumference L of your tire size in the chart be. Perform the following formatting operation, when you use the unit for the.


Enter the rear wheel tire circumference in mm. It was useful because I knew how fast I was going, my pace, and the time and distance I covered.

Setting up the computer, Appendix, Tire circumference – CatEye CC-PA100W [Padrone] User Manual

Hi – how does it make sense that 16 x 1. Didn’t take note of the tire pressure but tire give was minimal. For the most accurate measurement, do a wheel. Select the speed unit. With the tires under proper charh.

When it is not displayed, check the installation conditions and again page 2. However, since using the code, the reading has been quite cateyd.

That’s close to what you can find in here: Let me know thoughts. Pages Home My Bikes Dealers. Unknown June 25, at 7: Do let me know the real wheel circumference when you know. I’ve forgotten to say that I have Schwalbe Marathon tires. I biked to a place which I knew was 1 czteye from my house, and when I got there the reading was 1 kilometer.