L’andamento dell’economia reale e dei mercati finanziari nel p. 3. I riflessi sugli Confcommercio – Pistoia inquadrato con riferimento ad alcuni istituti del CCNL “Commercio e terziario”. Nel corso del. it/vivi-la-villa-terziario-donna-confcommercio-il-rilancio-del-luogo-caro-ai- foggiani/ .. monthly arrivano-gli-aumenti-la-retribuzione-marzo/ T+ monthly il diritto sindacale carinci capitolo due:l’evoluzione storica. 1.l’età liberale: dalla repressione penale alla tolleranza. fronte della prima embrionale.

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As already underlined, in effect, graphic design is not a regulated profession; hence, no academic title, qualification or license is required to practise it. Two further domains where public policy ought to play a key role are the regulation and protection of freelance work, and the recognition of non-regulated professions. At present, this is the only available source of represent- ativeness data.

GD02 attended an arts institute, graduated in foreign languages, curriculum in arts history and, then, she went abroad, where she started working as an intern in some graphic design firms; later, she started her own business in Italy and, today, after another period of work abroad, is a freelancer in Milan.

Graphic design firms are mostly in the North of Italy, particularly in Lombardy 3,followed by Emilia-Romagna 1,Veneto 1, and Piedmont see: Its role is, indeed, recognized by other relevant actors, such as ACTA, with which has recently started to cooperate.

AI, for instance, has about members, of which professionals.

Skip to main content. Another measure was targeted on the requalification of urban peripheries million euros.

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Born as an organisation of artists, SMartBe then extended its confckmmercio, and included creatives and, more recently, the so-called platform workers e.

Self-employed workers not belonging to regulated professions have only recently been granted access to social protection, through the set-up of a separate spe- cial fund the so-called Gestione Separata within the framework of the Dini re- form Law No.

Hybrid situations are, then, much frequent. Cross-checking the data on occupation, economic ac- tivity and employment status, in fonfcommercio, we see that: In both cases, though, freelancers can be either in exclusive or multiple licensing.

In both cases, though, opportunities can arise to build partnerships cxnl specific projects. In this case, persons can be involved in both individual and joint projects, even in parallel.

The landscape of trade union representation appears far less heteroge- neous, even though a certain degree of fragmentation can nevertheless be detected see, again: Professions, in Italy, are in fact stratified by degree of institutionalisation.


This was the case of an ac- tion to support co-working, basically through incentives for co-workers to use co- working spaces. Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia is present through its representatives in national entities and organisations including Censis, Cnel, Enasarco, Inail, Inps and Istatin the network of Chambers of Commerce and on numerous ministerial steering 201.

Furthermore, Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia has two organisations operating at national level in the sectors it represents dedicated terziariio young people and women in business respectively: These actors have differential weights in the sectors that form the CCIs, depending on the prevailing types of companies and forms of employment.

In addition, it is committed to working towards greater fiscal equity, simplifying the administrative system and reducing bureaucratic procedures, guaranteeing terziaroi and legality, ensuring easier access to credit, boosting innovation, terzoario and the opening of markets. These actors, it is worth noting, are completely cojfcommercio from those dominating the creative-driven industries, the latter being targeted on tradi- tional production sectors, such as manufacturing and low-skilled services.

During this period and in the following decade, Confcommercio’s commitment to issues of particular importance to its member enterprises and the national economy increased.

Similarly, insurance mechanisms for ensuring old-age protection are different for these workers, and ccnp particularly problematic for self-employed belonging to Ges- tione Separata, which until recently foresaw low contribution rates.

A similar purpose was recently pursued through the launch of a tweet bombing against the former Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, to force the government to modify the so-called Decreto Milleproroghe and freeze the increase of insurance contributions. Third, graphic design is largely prac- tised as a freelance professional work, which normally eludes collective action.

The 203 itself has changed over the years. It is not unusual, however, that experienced designers are employed on fixed-term contracts, especially when their work is on specific projects.

Subsequently, Conftrasporto, the organisation that represents transport, shipping and logistics enterprises, joined Confcommercio. Italy The major limits of this kind of teziario derive from the lack of financial and hu- man resources: The organisations representing small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, play a relevant role in communication and branding, and in books, printing and publishing.

These associations have different sizes, ranging from 2, members AIB to 56 As- solirica. These segments of the labour market are usually not covered by traditional collective bargaining and suffer from lack of rights. What is more, I Pirati Grafici organises physical events, mostly in the form of workshops, hence ex- ercising — though in a soft and non-systematic way — a function of training and up- dating or, at least, of cultural promotion.


AIAP offers basic services for graphic designers, addressed to its members, such as information on exhibitions, events and public competitions, in addition to legal assis- tance, and training mostly in the form of fee-paying workshops.

Also for this rea- son, AIAP — which has approximately members and, at the moment of writing has only four regional structures — cannot offer representation in the ways traditional — larger and structured — confcommerclo unions do.

Who we are

Work Package C Industrial relations and creative workers. Here, several types of initiatives were undertaken over the years. The latter had two first important steps in the drafting of a Chart for Graphic Design, inand of a Code of Ethics, in Moreover, it reached agreements with several service companies to provide a range of services teziario goods at a low price.

This organisation, in fact, relies on an online platform, which is intended to be a virtual place where the first contact with the worker is made.

As we will see later, vulnerability is a major focus of the literature on creative work. There are, however, significant differences among creative workers, with some sec- tors characterized by high unionization, mostly deriving from the long tradition in industrial relations in the sector, and others, more recent ones, lacking trade union presence. A third agreement for the cinema and audiovisual industry, applying to all workers on an open-ended work contract involved in production, distribution, importation and exportation of cinema and television products, was renewed in and expired in Sector dynamics and interest representation This document represents the first step of a process which should lead UNI, a national authority, to release the certification of compliance with technical norms.

Specific actions can also be detected at the regional and local levels, which aim to provide collective goods for the construction or the further development of local cre- ative economies.