All the stories contain the common elements of the gothic tale: a warped sense these thirty-seven selections compiled by Chris Baldick provide a unique look. All these stories and more contain the common elements of the gothic tale: a warped these thirty-seven selections compiled by Chris Baldick provide a unique. Chris Baldick, Editor Oxford University Press, USA $35 (p) ISBN dread, decay, disintegration, death–each of these trademarks of the well-made Gothic tale.

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He is the author of Oxfird Frankenstein’s Shadow: To give you some idea of what you can find in this book, Part I. Oxford University Press, originally published ; Second edition I’m really not sure this belonged in the anthology anyway.

Again, the atmosphere was not stereotypically gloomy.

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The stories are presented in chronological order, and best tqles that way. Nov 01, Angella rated it liked it Recommends it for: The Twentieth Century Yet they also reveal the progression of the genre from stories of feudal villains amid crumbling ruins to a greater level of sophistication in which writers brought the gothic tale out of its medieval setting, and placed it in the contemporary world.

Brimming with tales of terror, suspense, and the uncanny, this work offers a collection devoted to chrls best of the Gothic genre. Also, dreary without enough dread to impel me along the storyline makes it hard to read. Nesbit, although I thoroughly enjoyed almost all of the stories.

He is the author of In Frankenstein’s Shadow: While the Gothic tale shares some characteristics with the ghost story and tales of horror and fantasy, the present volume celebrates the distinctive features that define this powerful and unsettling literary form. We see standard gothic elements of incest, murder, and greed in “The Poisoner of Montremos,” a late eighteenth-century story by Richard Cumberland. My best advice on reading short story collections would be look for reviewers who give a brief synopsis of each story thankfully, Goodreads patrons are smart enough not to spoil without warningbut you’re not going to like each one.


The Friar’s Tale – Anonymous 4.

The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales – Google Books

It’s a time-capsule of some of the greatest stories of the genre from it’s beginnings into the late 20th century. Myth and Monstrosity in Nineteenth-Century Writing As with any kind of anthology, part of the value lies in getting a taste of a variety of authors and writing styles, and in stimulating readers to follow up on new discoveries.

Norman Thomas di Giovanni In Frankenstein’s Shadow Chris Baldick.

I have to add that this genre isn’t my favorite but that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy a screaming skeleton every full moon or so. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Jordan’s End – Ellen Glasgow This collection of short stories is an excellent overview of the gothic genre, from its inception in the late Eighteenth Century to the modern era.

It’s hard to pick favorites in such a great collection, but when pressed, I’d choo This is a wonderful anthology,not a single dud story in the lot. This may seem a bit rigid for some readers a recent exhibition at The British Library on The Gothic Imagination gave a more fluid interpretation of the genre but his argument for the comprising elements of Gothic fiction is increasingly convincing as the collection goes on, including some surprise choices that fit in nicely alongside the classics.

The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales

Other than that the selection is strong: Other than the stories I’ve already made some comments on through my updates, I’d like to mention Olalla and Sardonicus as stand-outs.


Sardonicus – Ray Russell Because this collection is arranged by date, from how wonderful! Baldick argues that Gothic literature warns us away from the evils of the past and it is fascinating to see how the genre has been reconfigured over the years to pass political comment: No eBook available Amazon.

His introduction sets out the criteria for what makes a The most interesting anthologies, like the best compilations, tell a story of their own, piecing together a jigsaw of kf works. D’Souza and Susheela Punitha.

There is a lot of insanity, some blood lust and an excess of inbreeding that can only lead to bad things.

In Faulkner’s “A Taes for Emily,” a woman’s death satisfies a neighborhood’s curiosity with a bizarre discovery. There was no way I could have passed by this book and not pick it up, and after picking it up, not wanting to read it. There are thirty-seven selections total, with a great introduction by the editor.

Return to Book Page. I did not read this whole book. And as a literature of resistance, I can see that it can appeal to certain types of writers, as well. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The Outsider – H. But the body that lay in John Hurst’s arms, among the mouldering coffins of the Hursts of Hurstcote, was perfect and beautiful as when he first clasped her to his arms, a bride.

The stories selected were obviously selected with care and are all great examples.