dold rp pdf Dold Relays Network Catalog Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Scribd is the world’s largest social. The voltage and frequency monitors from DOLD are the optimal solution for grid monitoring during energy RP 3-phase voltage measurement to neutral. [email protected] • . Dold Electric Taicang Co., Ltd. RP Voltage and frequency monitor for generator sets on public grid acc.

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Only a neutral monitor can detect a broken neutral conductor. South and Central America. Image list Text list Overview. No electrolysis effects in liquids by the use of a measuring AC voltage. Sensors and metrology innovative technologies.

Manufacture of general purpose machinery. Voltage and frequency monitor acc.

Manufacture of clothing, except fur clothing. Frequency relays System monitoring when power is fed in the system,e. Need the contact info for a particular supplier?

Microtechnology – smart systems. Some application examples for the differentdevice groups are mentioned below:. Wholesale of household goods. A broken sensor line will lead to an immediate cutoff. Frequency tp9800 Work on the principle of frequency comparison: Wide Signal Measurement Range Suitable for use with all types of 1 e The RP monitors the voltage of the 3 phases against neutral indicating over and undervoltage. Speed relays work on the basis of the frequency comparison principle.


Manufacture of glass and glass products, ceramic products and other non-metallic mineral products. Temperature relays, thermistor motor rrp9800 relays The motor protection relay monitors the thermistors integrated in the motor.

Mechanical engineering and plant engineering, general. Neutral monitors Monitor the system for ddold neutral conductors and unbalance resulting from this where loads with the largest resistance are exposed to high voltages and may be damaged by them. Multifunctional relays Save space within the switch cabinet.

Electricity generation from wind doold.

Dold Measuring Relays

Choice of two outputs for min. The voltage and frequency monitors from DOLD are the optimal solution for grid monitoring during energy input into the public grid. Auxiliary voltage required Module translation not found: We use cookies on this site to enhance our user experience.

Inquiry to Khn Controls we help you Links to another products dold rp pdf Nadzorno zaitni moduli podjetja Dold. Operate delay Module translation not found: Customers benefit from DOLD’s complete functional range. If the speed-proportional frequency is higher than the reference frequency generated in the device, the output relay of the underspeed monitor will be energized and that of the overspeed monitor de-energized.

Electrical and electronic industry; general.

Solutions for Energy technology – DOLD

Motor protection relays also available in the most compact type: Manufacture of other special purpose machinery. Measuring technology and testing technology for automation. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. This all either in an installation enclosure or in a switch cabinet with a width of 35 mm. Unbalance relays, phase monitors, phase indicators Unbalance monitoring: Used in manufacturing lines, materials handling, packing machines, filling plants or crushing mills, for example.


High immunity to system interference by metallic isolation. Manufacture of other electrical equipment. Work on the principle of frequency comparison: Assemblies and metal structures.

Solutions for Energy technology. Protection of personnel and equipment by monitoring the correct sense of rotation at motor start. The contacts are actuated with every current pulse and they stay in the operating position they have adopted in each case until the next pulse occurs.

Other European Country ex. Manufacture of metal products. Output contacts or interfaces to bus systems allow information transmission. Protection against motor overheating, load unbalance for three-phase loads. Phase-sequence relays check the system for sold phase sequence and prevent motors from starting in the wrong sense of rotation.