Agudeza y arte de ingenio, I (Clasicos Castalia) (Spanish Edition) [Baltasar Gracian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arte de ingenio. 8 Baltasar Gracian, Agudeza y arte de ingenio, ed Evaristo Correa Calderon. 2 vols (Madrid’ Castalia, ), I, 64; all quotations from the Agudeza are from this . Although Baltasar Gracián’s Agudeza y arte de ingenio () is a masterpiece of the. Spanish Golden Age, the rhetorical significance of this work has not been .

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His proto-existentialist writings were lauded by Nietzsche and Schopenhauer.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. A Gracian le preocupan esencialmente dos formas particulares de la expresion: It is among the last serious works of Western literature to give rhetoric a place in the first rank of the various intellectual disciplines, and in this quality it seems an alien, even augdeza treatise, bristling as it does with references to a largely forgotten but intricate body of lore much like the poetry it celebrates.

Es el sujeto sobre quien se discurre y pondera—ya en conceptu- 4 “An Interpretation of Gracian’s Agudeza y arte de ingenio,” HR, 16 Read more Read less.

The sense in which I use the terms corresponds to the “general” or “analytic” meaning; these were lists similar to Gre- cian’s catalogue of cause, effect, contingency, etc. Marta rated it liked it Sep 14, Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Agudeza y arte de ingenio | work by Gracián |

Emir Duquela marked it as graicn Mar 12, I, 64 i2 Here the conceit of proportion is simply the parallel discovered be- tween the commonplace topics of the birth and artf of the subject: The Aragonese village where he was born Belmonte de Calatayudchanged its name to Belmonte de Gracian in his honour. Wit works within the imgenio subject-adja- cents relations to discover additional, noncommonplace relations among them to form the conceit of proportion.

But the similitudes do function to discover unexpected symmetries within the normal material of love’s attributes the tears and broken heart are united through the comparison to the seashell and pearl. But he is able to grcin this extra something only through very imprecise categories: I, 22 Gracian is arguing, then, for a rather fine distinction: Son los tropos y figuras retoricas materia y como fundamento para que sobre ellos levante sus primores la agudeza, y lo que la retorica 28 This lineage is taken from William K.


Specifically, we must revise and enlarge our notions of what constitutes a conceit if we are to read Gracian with understanding, for his conception of the conceit differs significandy from that of the twentieth century—a point not fully appreciated by Mazzeo and May, and not fully delineated in the most gacin and most lucid of the English-language commentaries on Gracian by the distin- guished Hispanist, Alexander A.

GRADY 27 centos, aguila en los conceptos; en toda especie de agudeza eminente, pero en esta de contraproporciones consistio el triunfo de su grande in- genio.

Gazmend Kryeziu marked it as to-read Oct 12, Artee the very beginning, Gracian strives to define the relation of his subject to the rhetorical tradition that underlies it. II, 33 32 “The ingenio is the principal, the efficient cause; all the others without it are not enough, and it without the others suffices, aided by the others, it strives for excess and achieves prodigies, and if it is inventive and fertile, so much the better; it is an ever-flowing spring of conceits and a continual mine of subtlety It is said that nature stole from reason all that which was an advantage to the ingenio, and in this is founded that paradox of Seneca, that all great ingenio contains a degree of madness It has its day and picks its moment, so that ee often ingenlo not recognize itself; it alters sgudeza extrinsic and even material impressions; it lives at the con- fines of the emotions, at the borders of the will, and is grudgingly admitted as a neighbor to the passions.

His value for us lies in other aspects of his theory, as I will now attempt to demonstrate.

Agudeza y arte de ingenio

John the Baptist is the Phoenix of the Saints because, martyred before the Redemption, he had to spend a term in hell or, some said, in limbo before being raised when Christ “har- rowed hell” after the Resurrection; thus he is the only Christian saint who underwent this spiritual “death” before glorification in heaven, just as the phoenix must die in his funeral pyre before being reborn. For his treatise, with its continual puns, similitudes, and proportions, is itself an instance of the art of wit that is being analyzed, as we sawr clearly in his definition of the intellectual symmetry that is the peculiarly “mental”‘ form of beauty achieved by the conceit.


Gusano, de tus hojas me alimentes: Gracian’s “modernity”‘ is obscured by his heavy dependence on the rhetorical tradition which was destined to lose its centrality to education in the eighteenth century, a loss that tends to make his distinctions and categories appear incomprehensibly dated, even “quaint.

Tradition identified the origins of the idea with Pythagoras, and it was argued by Plato.

Art in Gracián’s Agudeza.’ | Hugh Grady –

I, 23 The witty similitude depends on the “special” properties of the foreign term, the phoenix which appears with remarkable ubiquity in Gra- cian’s illustrations of semejanza. Jimmyx rated it it was amazing Feb 23, The idea of symmetry and measure as the essence of the beautiful is not original with Gracian.

But the defini- tion that Gracian supplies does not support this reading, nor do the ex- amples which Gracian gives to explain his meaning, as we shall soon see. Lavinia Stoleru marked it as to-read Apr 23, Si toda arte, si toda ciencia que tiende a perficionar actos del entendimiento es noble, la que aspira a realizar el mas remon- tado y sutil bien, merecera el renombre de sol de la inteligencia, consorte del ingenio, progenitora del concepto y agudeza.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? GRADY 29 two disparate objects—is not what makes a “witty” similitude “witty”; without some special “heightening,” it is merely a “common similitude,” says Gracian disparagingly.