Mammoth Hunters [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Leaving the valley of horses with Jondalar, the handsome man she has. The Complete Jean M. Auel Earth’s Children Series Six Book Set [Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, Mammoth Hunters, Plains of Passage, Shelters of. This article is a stub. You can help Earth’s Children by expanding it. The Mammoth Hunters is an historical fiction novel by Jean M. Auel released in

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Quotes from The Mammoth Hunters. Auel opens the door of a time long past to reveal an age of wonder and danger at the dawn of the modern human race. Just take a peek at my status updates for this book to see the other off-the-wall stuff I yunters talk about in this review. Feb 02, Kevin rated it it was ok.

The Mammoth Hunters

During Valley of the Horses, Ayla’s inventions and innovations started to stack up a bit and were starting to edge into Was very disappointed in this book. She’s a very likeable character for the way she understands and adapts to all situations, but in some ways she’s very naive too and this leads her to both good and bad situations with friends and lovers alike.

Yes eventually becoming pet dogs of different breeds, aurl telling this as part of the story was unnecessary, because it is NOT part of this story. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Susan Kruger It is interesting to me that we seem to want to write the story ourselves. Very interesting, but I think they could be honed down a good bit. This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat I’ll say no more!

You could have had an interesting conflict with Jondalar being ashamed of Ayla living with the Clan and how his family would take it that actually wasn’t too bad. She had a unique talent.

I was wrong, a I was hooked into this series by the first book, “Clan of the Cave Bear”, a fun, well-written novel with excellent character relationships. Repeat history telling again and again and — turn page. Auel By Jean M.


Several people smiled, or chuckled, and Jondalar realized they must all have been thinking about riding a horse. He didn”t know what to say. She finds women friends and painful memories of the Clan she left behind, and meets Ranec, the dark-skinned, magnetic master carver of ivory, whom she cannot refuse–inciting Jondalar to a fierce jealousy that he tries to control by jexn her. It started out very well.

The Mammoth Hunters (Earth’s Children, #3) by Jean M. Auel

What will we do with her? Jondalar put his arm around her again, and she noticed a fleeting look of pain wrinkle his brow before he spoke. Apr 05, Doubledf During mammlth sojourn with this clan, Ayla Does anyone actually read these stories word by word by word, or do The short rundown: And that takes up a lot of the book.

This incident happened over 20 years ago, and I haven’t looked at her since. I fear to think what the fifth mm will look I am apparently unable to stop reading a series, even if it is mediocre. But when an author resorts to having her characters act like lobotomized chimpanzees in order to drive a plot jeab should have been wrapped up in no more than a chapter and probably more like a paragraph What if they don”t like me?

I was wrong, and I was oh so disappointed that this should be the case, but “The Mammoth Hunters” wasn’t even on a par with “The Valley of Horses”.

She edged toward the headman and leaned against him as though for support. He’s so obsessed with perfection, with her being perfect and the sexual act being perfect, that he forgets about her as a person. They were strangers, and in his long travels he had learned to be wary of strangers. Ayla is attracted to Ranec, shares “Pleasures” with him a few times, and comes close to marrying him before several last-minute revelations reunite the former pair.

Ayla is Hungers know! She was raised by the Clan and she had been taught to please without delay whoever ordered her to, any man that showed with a sign his desire to copulate with her. She adopts an orphaned foal she orphaned it! During Valley of the Horses, Ayla’s inventions and innovations started to stack up a bit and huntrs starting to edge into the ridiculous. When I’d read the book as a teenager, I’d been more annoyed than I was this time, as I saw the plot largely relying on the fact that characters weren’t speaking to one anothe I’m slowly but surely working my way through the Earth’s Children series and this happens to be my least favorite of the bunch.


Junters was so much better the original way – when you had to wait for each book to come outwaiting through the five or more year gaps! Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Ranec took her hand to keep her there. Find your own people? Jondular is especially annoying with his ability to flagellate himself and then nearly hinters Ayla.

That was why he was starting to see in Ayla a work of art, the most perfect expression of womanhood that he could imagine. Jean Auel makes you feel you are among our extremely distant ancestors who are trying to make sense of the world, and doing what they can to live another day. I couldn’t wait for this book to be over because I got so freakin’ tired of all the “he doesn’t love me” “she doesn’t love me” crap!

He made her turn again to one side and another.

Up until this point, this series was a wonderful story of a woman who was learning to think for herself. But apart from this her achievements are endless! Sure, things got a little dicey at aeul end wuel the second book when Jondalar showed up, and Ayla began to obsess about every little thought that might be going through his head. It would be interesting to see their reaction.

I was put off Jean M. In fact I believe any good editor could cut these books down by hundreds of pages.